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A whole lot of crazy Ste quotes!!

"I sing 'do do do do do do...'No! I sing whatever I've been listening to that day. Even if it's cheesy, is sticks in your head." (on singing in the shower)
"I know Thai Boxing. (laughing) When we were in Thailand recently, we did a TV show and they asked me to demonstrate some kicks. Mark just happened to be standing in front of me and I kicked him in the head. Or course I was sorry."
"I would throw her out the window. (all laugh) Nah, I'm only joking. I'd say, "Oh God, how did you get in here?" and then I'd throw her out the window. (more laughter) No, I'd say "Hello," sign an autograph, and show her the door." (if he found a fan in his hotel room)
"I always choose the aisle seat cause it's easier to get to the toilet, you don't have to climb over anyone. It's also good to see the movies. And I get to pester the stewardesses." (grins)
"I would go and scream at the airport guy asking, "Where are my bags?"
"I was gonna say 6'2", but...he's not!...Ha ha!...Alright, 23 year old up and coming popstar! Likes a good laugh, loves movies, music, and partying! Oh, and he's not a bad looking chap. (ignores protests from Christian) And he's a right laugh too!" (if he made a personal ad for Christian)
"We call Christian 'Crisp'."
"Yes please."
"Mark, he's quite shy. Mark, he's very funny, at times he's hilarious."
"Christian is very outgoing, when you're down, he'll pick you up."
"Our secret to success is we don't take life to seriously."
"It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice."
"Definately! There are some amazing women abroad. I wouldn't say no." (on dating girls from other countries)
"We've been invited to *N Sync video shoots. Christian was speaking to Lance before, and he invited us over to say hello to the guys and see what they're doing."
"I don't think people should want to change things about themselves. You are what you are. God made you that way, so just get on with it."
"We've all been talking about getting them. I want to get a Celtic band on my back." (tattoos)
"I've always got a pen and paper on me. I've got loads of pieces with thoughts of what I was feeling at certain times. One little piece, one little idea might be a perfect line for a song."

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