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A great review by Nicole (!!
I saw BBMAK at BLI'S summer jam, May 27th, 2001. We got to Jones Beach around 4:15pm, and the concert started at 6pm. I was with my friend and cousin, and we only went because BBMAK was gunna be there. Our seats were near the far wall, where all the celebritys arrived, but we didn't know that. Around 5:45 a giant bus pulled it and it was blue and red and everything and we didn't really think anything of it, so my cousin was like "Hey i bet BBMAKs in there" so we all laughed.. around 6, Nine Days was performing so everyone was looking forward, except me cuz i wanted to see who was gunna get out! (lol im so nosey)So all of a sudden Mark gets out wearing this red shirt and i had binoculars and everything (not that i needed them, i was so close). and i started screaming "OMG ITS MARK FROM BBMAK LOoK OVER THERE BY THE BUS OMG!!" by that time everyone was looking now and screaming. Naturally we get up to go down there, cuz its only a railing seperating us, and they we doing pictures and everything. By the time we got down there Soul Decision was out there too. By the time we got them to notice us they had to go in for the sound check they were next.. i was soooooo upset.. but christina smiled at me and waved! i was so happy.By the time we got to our seats, they were just going on stage. They sang 5 songs, and sounded great. Christian was wearing this blue "chaps" and a matching blue shirt with these cute sandels he looked so good! Mark and Ste looked really hot to!!