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Here is all the latest news and info on BBMak! Keep coming back, there will be more up soon!

BBMak is on the top 100 songs of 2001, listen to Rick Dee's countdown!!

BBMak's new cd should be out on Feb 2!!!!

BBMak have a song on the Princess Diaries soundtrack, the song is More Than Words!! And I think they also have a song on the soundtrack for the movie with Joey and Lance of N Sync!! I dont know the song though.

Right now, BBMak are in England, they are working on their next cd. They will not be back in America for a while :( But be ready to expect more awesome songs!!

"Ghost of You and Me" premierd on TRL on May 1! It debuted Monday at #9! Well, at least they're on the countdown, but why not #1??? Come on people and vote for these 3 talented young men!!! The next day they were #10!! What???!!! You all know how great this video is!! *WOW* Mark laying on the beach :P And Ste and Christian looking goooooooooood :P Im not too crazy about Ste's new hair, but still love him to death :) GUYS!!! Let's VOTE!!!! They have hardly been on the countdown!!! What's up with that????!!!!! They deserve to be #1!!!!!! Lets get them there!!!!!!

BBMak's hove video (VHS and DVD) is out in stores now!!! I recomened the DVD it is the best!! It's better than VHS, because you can look at bios and a weblink, and even see some of their personal photos!! Besides, VHS is going out in a few years, so you want to be able to watch it later :) Some other highlights are them performing, being crazy :), and Mark playing the pennywhistle with his nose! LOL, they are so crazy!!

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