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BBMak at Pleasure Island, December 16, 2000

My dad drove me and my friend Whitney up to Orlando. It was a 3 hour drive, and we put signs up in the windows, saying stuff like "We Love BBMak!" and "BBMak is the best!"! A lot of people kept looking at our car, it was so funny :) And these little girls saw our car, and they were screaming b/c they must have been fans :)

Anyway, we got there a few hours early, so we just stood in line forever. Then the security people closed the place off, and we all were squished up against a gate up in front of the line. When we had to put our tickets in the machine, mine got stuck :( but the guy let me through since I already had my stamp. Me and Whitney ran up and got in 2nd row right where Christian would be. Jessica Riddle came on, she was great! Then BBMak came, and we were both going wild!
They did "Unpredictable," "I'm Not In Love," "Next Time," "I Can Tell," "Still On Your Side," and "Back Here." It was a short concert, but they did the whole concert twice! Christian was so crazy, he kept making up these crazy lyrics. He sang about a purple thong in "Back Here" and some other stuff.
Christian and Mark asked if anyone was from England, and then Christian said something about people in England don't wear braces. Later, Christian said they were going to play one song, and played another. Then he called the guy who made the set list an idiot! He was so funny! First concert, I had a great view of Christian.
They had a break, Jessica Riddle came on again, and for her last song, BBMak came up on stage with her. Mark was having a great time on the drums, and Ste was playing guitar. Christian was holding this tiny guitar like 5 inches long, and then he got this instrument you hold in one hand..I don't know what it was.
Then BBMak did their second concert, which was even better! This time, I had moved a little, and saw mostly Mark! He was so great! I was going crazy, and I kept waving to Mark, and he saw me! He kept smiling at me when I waved and he look right at me, like 10 times. It was great! Ste was so cute, but he was on the other side, so I didn't really see him. At the end of "Next Time" I think it was, they all got down on the floor and lay on their backs with their feet in the air, still playing guitars! It was soooo funny! Sometime during this concert, Christian was banging his head on the drums. At the end of "Back Here," Mark played the guitar for a bit! He was great!
I didn't get to meet them, but I can't wait to! They seem like such great guys! After we went down by some door, some security guard guy was handing out promo pictures, and me and Whitney each got two! They were so cool, one of them on a couch, and one was the three of them standing.

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