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Ok, the concert was at MGM-Disney on June 23, 2001. I got to the park on Saturday morning and met up with some of the other girls on the street team. I hung out with Laura and Megan most of the day and then we caught up with the other street teamers. We had shirts that we all signed for the guys with their last names on the front and we signed the backs of the shirts. Someone had made a giant huge long banner that said Official BBMak Street Team or something like that, the thing had to be over 20 feet long or so! And we had our pix taken with it. After waiting in line we ran in to get our seats. We all ran and got in front of where Ste would be, on the right! I ended up in the third row and we had more pix taken with the banner :) Nobody's Angel came on first, and then Youngstown! They were hot lol :) And then BBMak! They were on the longest, and opened with "Unpredictable" and also sang I Can Tell, Ghost of You and Me, Back Here, Next Time, and I'm not totally sure if they sang anything else. I had paper and markers so I wrote a few quick signs before BBMak came on, such as Hi Ste! and Happy Early Bday Ste! which he saw and smiled at me and did his cute eyebrow thing! And then my next one said Ste-Can I have you bottle? and since it was written kinda small he was looking at me and had to squint lol! And then he smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up! And I had a sign that said Hi Mark! and he pointed at me!! I was so happy! And then during Ghost Of You And Me, we all blew bubbles!! It was really cool! And then at the end when they were gonna throw the water bottles and sweat towels to the crowd, Ste got the security guard over and told him to give me the bottle since he had seen my sign!!!!! I was so HAPPY!!!!!! I have a bottle Ste drank from!! I had some of the water though lol....:) And Christian had his head shaved, but he still looks good :)

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