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"If you like sheep soup, you gotta shoot sheep. If you can't shoot sheep, you can't have sheep soup."
"HE IS REAL!" (on Santa)
"He's quiet when he's really tired and agitated when he's hungry. That's about it really." (Ste on a bad day)
"Free adult movies!...just joking. I look for a great bed and a dressing gown." (what he looks for in a hotel room)
"Christian is the messiest. I'm in between. Ste's really tidy."
"I date girls anywhere, any country!"
"We're not a boy band-we're a lad band." (that's right, they're no boy band at all!!)
"Spins and adds, baby!"
"We still have hundreds of songs we haven't even used yet."
"Oh yes, that's us...we're really clever. Rocket scientists, you know."
"Stephen got a chance to audition for 'Coyote Ugly' but unfortunately they wanted a black guy, and Stephen refused to paint himself, so he didn't do it."
"Definately the girls. I love American girls!"
"I'm really scared."
"NO! I wanna drive it!"
"Stephan's very quiet."
"We go onstage and play our own instruments, and I think guys like that."
"When I first met Christian and Ste, I hated, I'm only joking, only joking."
"Christian's a very confident person."
"We gelled together really quickly."
"We're fully committed to America, so you'll be seeing a lot of us."
On the body popping crew-"Well, I was in tht when I was about eight. I'm not a dancer--I don't do any backflips. But I like to go out with my friends and dance."
"My arms and my feet. I like getting my back tickled--that's nice. And my neck. And somebody running their fingers through my hair--I could have that done all night!"--On his ticklish spots
"No, I will not. Girl, will you be my valentine? Make that girls! I'll fix you a lovely Italian meal with candles for two, me being the romantic type..." (On if he has a valentine this year)
"I love buying new clothes. I actually like shopping with my brother-he's got very similar taste to me. I love Armani stuff because it looks good and fits me well, but I'm not a person who has to get an expensive T-shirt just because it says Prada on the front."
"If bad things get thrown at me or there are hard situations that need handling, I try not to take it all too seriously. Not worrying too much really helps. Just be yourself and don't take it to heart too much."

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