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Why do we love these guys??!!??!!
There are probably a million reasons why we love BBMak, but I don't really think I could fit them all on here :)

If you can think of any reason for loving them that isn't up here yet, email me!! (Put something about BBMak in the subject so I know to read it!!) I'll give you credit if you send me something that's not on here yet!
This page is new, so I don't have too many reasons on here yet. But here are some things me and my friends have come up with so far!! :P
1. They have awesome personalities!!
2. They are great to their fans!!
3. We're so in love with those awesome accents!!
4. They put on the best live concert ever!!
5. Ste has the cutest dimples!!
6. Christian has great hair and great eyes and is so funny!!
7. Mark--just look at him!! And he's got great muscles too!!
8. They all have great hair!!
9. They have great bodies!!
10. I love Mark, because he kept looking right at me and smiling when I saw them in concert when I kept waving at him :)
11. The cute things that they say!!
12. They have great clothes!!
13. How cute Mark looks when he does that little thing in concert where it looks like he sort of dances in place-you know what I mean, when he's moving to the beat of the song.
14. Their crazy photos of them in magazines!!
15. They are real and dont lip-sync!!--thanx to
16.They play their own instruments!!-thanx again to could I not have had them on there?!?! lol

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