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Me and my best friend Mattie were going to see BBMak on the 9th of November. We prepared ourselves by making a huge poster to try and get backstage to meet the guys!! This was a 4 posterboard sign!! Let me tell you this thing was huge!! Anyways we got there at 3pm. The concert didn't start till 7:30pm! There wasn't many people there so we just hung out in the back where they would be arriving soon from coming back from the mall. After about a 1/2 hour they snuck inside without us seeing them. Well we heard them playing upstairs so we went in a door and up some stairs and we saw Mark practicing. He came down from the stage and we talked to him for a while and got pictures. After a few minutes the security guards kicked us out. As we were leaving we ran into Ste. By now we were back outside and Christian was getting off the bus. We talked to him for a few minutes but he was late for soundcheck and had to go. By now we were watching this guy that works with BBMak cause he was supposed to be giving backstage passes out. We were on the side of the building and this guy approached us. He's like, may I see your sign? We're just like Yeah sure. Well I noticed he had a backstage pass on and I'm like, hey can we go backstage? He's like, yeah, why do you think I came to see your sign? By now we were walking backstage for BBMak's Shake and Howdy!!! Well, BBMak arrived minutes later and we talked to them for about 20 minutes or so. We got tons of pictures and they were so sweet!! Well the best part of being back there was waiting for Ste to get in our group picture. Christian and Mark were talking back and forth and Mark's like "So you guys don't mind waiting here?" and we're like of course not! So Mark goes "Yeah, we're just waiting with our girlfriends," and Christian squeezed me and he's like "Yeah, this is my girlfriend," Well I almost fainted and I kinda started to fall cause Christian was leaning on me and he grabbed me before I really did fall. Then later Christian and I were getting a picture and he's all like "Oh, don't you just love my new sweater, it's so nice and cozy, snuggle up in it with me," so I just hugged him tighter. Mark's like "Oh you guys are so cute together. Christian give her a kiss." But Christian was talking to their manager or someone and didn't hear Mark. By now they had to leave cause the opening acts were already onstage. So we went back to the stage and watched the rest of the opening acts. Sooner or later BBMak came out and they were so good!! Ste saw us a few times during the concert and waved at us. By now it was time to leave, the worst part of all. We were going to try and go backstage again, but we had to leave so we could get out. That was one of the best days of my life and it's something I'll NEVER forget!!

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