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Another great experience, from!!
Okay my friend and I got tickets to the bbmak concert at the Palace in Hollywood on December 3, 2000. I had already seen them I concert once, I liked them so much I wanted to see them again. So we get into the parking lot to pay to go park and there was a limo behind us. And my Mom was all "Hey it's BBMak," as a joke cause it was funny, and so my friend and I were all "sure what are the odds of that happenin?" So like idiots we are, we held up our sign for the concert and just started waving to the limo and we saw some one wave back but we couldnt make out who. And so we get out of the car and these girl were screaming "BBMak Is In The Limo!" And so me and my friend just started to freak out. And they rolled down the window and i was all "I love you Mark and Christian!" and they smiled and waved. Then they got out of the limo and i touched Mark! I got some really good pictures of them! And then i see Mark walking down this little path way and it was just me and my friend and i called out Mark's name and he stoped for a pic and put his thumbs up and he looked so hot in the pic! And so then we went into the concert and just had a blast! It was the best day of my life!

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