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Name: Tara-LOL this is me!!
State: Fl
Webpage?: Yes of course, this one ;)
Why do you love these three great guys?: Wow, I could go on forever!! They have so much talent, and write their own songs, play their instruments, don't dance, their live show is the best because instead of dancing etc, they just go up there and have a great time and do their songs and play instruments. They don't need any fancy production work to have an awesome performance!!

Name: Gaelle Laurent
Location: Belgium (Europe)
Webpage: Yes, but not BBMak: Westlife!
Why do you love these three great guys?: They're really good musicians & singers, I love their songs. They're really nice guys close to their fans.

Name: Dana Royce
State/location: Greenfield, Indiana USA
Why do you love these three great guys?: they are so cool. and christian is the sexiest man alive. I LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN BURNS.

Name: Iris Valdez
State: California
Why do you love these three great guys?: So much to say, but because they are so talented and down to earth and friendly. I met Christian (my fav) and he was the perfect gentleman. I love Christian Burns!!

Name: Jordan Berman
Location: Monroe, Georgia
Webpage: No :*( I need to make one!!
Why do I love these three great guys?: Their harmony sounds beautiful and they inspired me to start playing the guitar! I think its great that they are so non-chalent about being famous. They are totally down to earth and they have a great sense of humor. The accents are the best!! I love their talent and the looks are just a major plus!! 143 BBMak!

Name: Kaitlin Kunkler
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Why do u love these three great guys?: What kind of question is that? How can you NOT love them. I totaly agree with Dana Royce and Iris Valdez in saying Christian is hot. I think Christian in hot as hell and i love him! I love you christian!!!!! call me babe (lol) neways... i just love their songs and them and everything. mark and christian are hot as hell while ste could work a little on his apearance. who agrees with me? i hope everyone! e-mail me peeps!

Name: Amber Godown
Location: Hamilton, NJ
Webpage?: No, but I really want to make one.
Why do you love these three great guys?: I love them because they don't act like rich snobs like other musicians/celebs. They are so down to earth and will do anything they can do to help a cause. I LOVE THEIR ACCENTS TOO.

Name:Gina Gangemi
Location: Branson, MO E-Mail: Webpage?: no
Why do you love these three great guys?: their bums!!!!!! It's all about their bums!

Name: Sheena Bach
Location: Irvine, KY
Webpage?: No
Why do you love these three great guys?: They are cute and they are great band. And the top of that, I love both Christian Burns and Mark Barry for personalities and their crystal blue eyes.

Name: Angelle
state: Louisiana

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why do i love these three great guys: There are too many reasons why i love them, they are so talented and hot. I love how they just sing and dont dance and how they play their own instruments and write their own songs. I could list so many reasons why i love them but those are my main reasons why, and the other reason is because of Mark i love him with all my heart!!!!

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Why do you love these three great guys?: