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Here's a lot of funny, crazy quotes from Christian!!!

"I actually sing "Singing in the Rain!" I get inspired by the water to sing that song. I used to sing it when I was little." (on singing in the shower :P)
"I am very good at pool. (points to Ste) I trashed him in Japan. Ha Ha!"
"A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." (his motto)
"We're all young, single, and we love to mingle!"
"Me! Me, I'm really really messy. Mark is just a little messy. Ste is TOO tidy." (messy rooms)
"Yeah! Any where! In space too.(laughs)" (dating girls from other countries)
"I've often been told that I resemble Ricky Martin."
"Yeah-I have a giraffe." (sleeping with a stuffed animal)
"We're actually aliens! Well, I'm an android, and these two are aliens. Oh, you want the truth?"
"I wanted to be a chef. But, then I found out what hours they work. So I decided against becoming one. And now, I'm working worse hours than a chef does!" (we all know how much he loves his job though!)
"I like anyone who likes me :-) I don't know if there's a fan out there for me, I'll find her!"
"We've got a screamer!" (TRL)
"Would you like a cup of tea?" (laughing in a British accent)
"No I am not hot!" (points to his picture on a fan's poster that says "Christian is a hottie!") "See my picture? I'm not hot!"
"I'd like an alligator sandwich please and make it snappy!"
"May the best man puke!"
"That'll make us feel really sick."
"Strapped in nice and tightly so we can't fall out!"
"A genuine lad." (talking about Ste)
"(Generously) I'd say that he's very funny, very thoughtful, and the cleanest person on the planet, cause he spends about 2 hours in the shower. He's a really nice guy and he could serenade her too, he's got a great singing voice." (If he made a personal ad for Mark)
"We don't dance."
"Definately I'm going to raise a family at some point in my life. But at the moment, music is my number one priority. Maybe we can mix both together."
"No, it hasn't changed, but we've picked up words like 'awesome' and 'rest room'." (on his accent)
"My bedroom looks like five tornados just hit it! Ha ha! Mark's bedroom looks like a breeze has just come through, and Steve's...there's no wind in it at all, it's really tidy!"
"Frow Frow!"
"Ah, no more!"
"I'll have to hold her hand."
"When I hear the music, I just can't help dancing!"
"Hey! Thanks for the bra!"
"Everyday we wake up, we thank the lord for our success in the states."
"If we could have one-quarter of *N Sync's success, we'd be happy."
"We don't try to rival ourselves with anyone else."
"Carson Daly was really cool. We're number seven on TRL and Carson really likes the fact that we don't dance."
"So let me get this straight...At this time, you want it all to work out, but you just can't imagine how it ever could, in like a million years..." (his line on All My Children)
"Girls are always saying, 'speak like Austin Powers.'"
"One day I played basketball with Justin from *N Sync against two of the guys from No Authority. We won, thanks to Justin. He's really good-I was just a hindrance!"
"Well, you can't please everyone all the time. Some people love it and some hate it. There were more that hated it, but now more love it. (grinning) I wish everyone would make their minds up!" (on his hair color)
"I need to stop worrying so much. Sometimes, it makes my head feel like it's going to explode. To relax, I just put some music on, chill out with my friends or watch TV."
"I had this leather tie. When I was about 12, I thought it was great!"
"I've never received any gifts for Valentine's Day, ever!"
"When I was in high school I was really, really quiet. I was into my music and drama and cooking. I wanted to be a chef. I wasn't the tough one in the gang, but I was the one who made all the tough ones laugh."
"Fans tried to break into our hotel rooms!"
"Gadgets. If something new comes out, I've got to get it. I have a DVD player with loads of movies, a Palm Pilot, a laptop computer, state-of-the-art stereo...I'm just gadget mad. But when I get enough money, I'm going to be car crazy."
"I've got great friends and when we're on the road, I miss them a lot. But I'm lucky because me and Mark and Ste are like best friends."

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