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I attended the strudelpalooza concert at the MGM studios in Orlando, FL! It was such a great concert, very intimate.
I flew from Burnsville, MN just to see them. I got to MGM at about 8:00 in morning and waiting for wrist bands. I spent the whole day waiting in anticipation for the concert. I heard that they were doing a radio show at this Drew Carey studio so I literally ran there, but they had finished already. I was told from someone who saw it that some fans outside were holding up a sign that said "smack my butt" and Mark went over, did a wind up and smacked her. lol :o) Anyway back to the concert. It was soo amazing. I don't remember the order or anything that they sang, but I am pretty sure it was Unpredictable, Next Time, Ghost of you and me, Still on your side, Back here, and maybe 2 or 3 others. I had a sign, which I saw them all read (I was in the fourth row) and my friend had the camera and went right through the film right away. I later regretted this. Now there was a section of contest winners that got to have a meet and greet with the guys. I was so completely jealous of them, I was so determined after the concert to get a pass. So I asked this family, and they actually gave me two passes, one for me and my friend. You can't imagine my excitement. It was then I realized I had used all my film up already! I was so sad. But when I got up to the meet and greet table (Christian was first) I just completely went blank and all I could think about was I am actually standing in front of my favorite band. I don't remember exactly what I said, you can imagine, but I think I mentioned the fact that I tried so hard to get VIPs, and how I came from Minnesota to see them (I had written MN on the poster to make it shorter, and all three asked what MN meant in there beautiful accents) and I mentioned that I started the guitar because of them they said to stick with it, and thanked me for coming all the way down there just to see them. At the end of the night, I left with 3 things signed (picture which Christian signed "to my number one fan", and all said love and kisses, hugs, and all that good stuff, poster, and a CD cover) and a full roll of film (which turned out pretty good considering it was a dispensable one). It was without a doubt, the best night of my life!