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Tony De Vit

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TDVTony De Vit TDV

"A flame that burns twice as bright.. Lasts half as long"

Tony De Vit R.I.P

Tony De Vit died in 1998 at the age of 41 after being one of the most influencial and respected dj/producer of his time. Tony worked with everyone from East 17 to some of the most famous people in the industry now. Doctors told Tony that he was only stressed and just needed to take a break from his tour in America. Days later he collapsed.

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the great Tony De Vit released under.

One of Tony's clubs he played was Sundessential. The club was a gay club, but with the rapid success of hard house, the clubs attendance rocketed. The dress code is bizzare and the athmosphere is electric. For pictures of the clubs supporters click the image


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    My Top Ten Tidy Trax Tunes

  1. Brain Bashers.. Do it now
  2. Tony De Vit.. Are you all ready
  3. Eldon Tyrell.. Only if I had one more
  4. Nick Rafferty.. Fixation
  5. Tony De Vit.. The Dawn (Paul Janes mix)
  6. Trauma & Fergie.. Salt & Shake
  7. Trauma & John Wetherley.. Rock the Beat
  8. Steve Blake.. Expressions
  9. Tony De Vit.. Splashdown
  10. John Whiteman.. Beat the system

If you would like your top ten trax to be posted just send me an email and I'll post them as soon as I can

Other labels worth listening to:

  • Tripoli Trax.. click here for the site
  • Nucleus.. not great
  • Honey Pot Hard.. not a bad label

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