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Name.. daniela
Age.. 17
B-day.. march 9
Live n born in.. chi-town
Nationality.. Mexican
Sign.. Pisces

Height.. 5'8
Hair color.. black
Eye color.. brown
Handwriting.. click here to see my handwritting!

Numba.. 8
Place.. Zacatecas, Mexico
Drink.. Dr. Pepper
Food.. any kind of mexican food
Music.. I listen to all kinds of music, specially Freestyle
Spanish Singers.. Jenny Rivera, Lupillo Rivera,
and El Original
English Singers.. J.Lo, JaRule, and Shakira
Groups.. #1Banda La Autentica, Banda El Recodo,
and Paraiso Tropical
Songs.. #1 "24 horas al dia", "Unerneath your clothes",
"All my life", "No me queda mas" and many more

people... Maricela (conceited ass)
Drink... Beer
Music... Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, and all that bull
Food... Mole.....yuck! Onions! Mustard!
I hate people who think they are the shit and think
they're too good for others, no one is too good for

Sisters.. 4 older, a twin, and me
Brothers.. 3 older

Status.. single (I think)
Education..3rd year at Morton East (I hate it)

If you would like know more info on me just
email me