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Welcome to my Bubble of Reality

WARNING: I'm too lazy to update, so half of my shit's down. Get over it.

06.03.03- Been a while. So, I've actually started working on this again... The problem is the time issue. However, with school coming to an end, hopefully I'll get my ass in gear and actually finish something. I haven't worked on the Jhonen stuff since the last update because I've discovered the joys of Adobe Photoshop and I've been making AFI backgrounds because I'm oficially obsessed with Mr. Davey Havok (he's such a sexy man bitch). Sooo, Davey's definately been added to the list of sexy lead singers, and therefore, AFI is another thing to add to the site... once I get it up... But I assure you, we will open (I love obscure Clerks references). Until then... over & out.

02.24.03- Yeah, as for that whole "done by the end of Winter Break" thing... obviously that didn't happen. Honestly, I don't know when I'll ever get this damn site back up. There's been a lot of personal problems that are a bit more important than this right now, so, yeah. When I do get it back up, I'll post it in my livejournal if anyone cares to look. It's here.

12.06.02- Ok, so I'm not done Jhonen yet... that'll be a while, but I've started on my personal writing section, which I should be posting when I post Jhonen's stuff so far... So, I'm hoping I get a lot of this done by the end of my Winter Break (12.24-01.02)

10.28.02- I've begun the Jhonen Vasqez part of the site. I have quotes from the first two issues of JtHM typed up. They will be posted and accessable soon, along with the small amount of personal work I've gotten around to typing.

10.03.02- So, I've gone through everything on the site and decided NOTHING is worth saving, so I'm starting from scratch. Plans for the future-
My drwings/sketches
Crap I've written
And other miscellaneous shit.

09.25.02- Ok, so I've FINALLY decided what the hell I want to do with this thing. I'm going to post original stories, fan fics, etc. here by moi, along with pictures and artwork (once I find someone with a scanner who's willing to put up with my shit). I've started getting my pictures together, and I'm almost finished typing up the first series I ever wrote (between 5th and 7th grades) entitled "The Vampirifically Obsessed Series". I have one more left... so, that'll be posted soon, along with author commentary. So, yeah. I'm working on it! Thanks for everyone's patience.
Also, I've decided that I don't think I'm going to put a HUGE Orgy section back up... sorry folks. Yes, I will keep up SOME things, but my taste in music has changed over the past few months and Rogue of the Cruxshadows has done what no man could before now... he replaced Orgy ::gasp!::. So, yeah, Orgy will still have their spot here, but the Cruxshadows come first.
Again, thanks.

08.14.02- Ok, for all of you out there who still give a rat's ass (If there's any of you left) I've FINALLY gotten by ass in gear as started to get everything together for the new site. I have a lot of new things typed up, but it's still going to be a while before it's done because I need a scanner. Anyway, keep in touch, and I'll keep you all posted.

Who knew this day would come, but, in the end, it was inevitable. I'm soon going to be changing this site from something Orgy-related to something much more crative and personal. I'm still going to keep a small section devoted to Orgy, complete with news, pictures, and a few other things, but I'm cutting back drastically. My obsession is slowly fading, being replaced by my creative side. To all who give a fuck, sorry, but I need something new.