God's Perfect Will Triumphs Over TS.

Since Tourette Syndrome is a Social and Occupational Disability, dating and finding a lucrative job is not very easy. I have found it neccessary in my life to rely on God for "His Perfect Will, and only His Perfect will" in certain areas of my life. God gives everyone a freedom of choice in this respect, because He also has a "Permissive Will." Because of my disability, there are some areas in my life, I have come to realize that I need His Perfect Will, and only His Perfect Will: 1) Marital Status, 2) Occupation, 3) Transportation/Car, and 4) Affordable Shelter.

As far as my Marital Status goes, I asked for God's Perfect Will, and only His Perfect Will over 20 years ago, and ever since, God has held me to it. One of the "True desires of my Heart" has been living a "Simple Life as a humble servant to God and Mankind." This is the one desire of my heart God has granted me.

Up to now, Marriage has not fit in to this scenario, but it might later on. Again, God has a Permissive will in the area of Marital Status, but if one truly asks God for His Perfect Will, and only His Perfect Will, God will answer that prayer and hold him to it. I found that it is better to be single in His Perfect Will, than to be married outside of His Perfect Will.

I have also relied on God's Perfect Will in the work field. He has called me to be a Humble Servant to Him and Mankind out in the work force despite being a College Graduate and Accomplished Toastmaster. I have learned to be happy and content with this simple life, despite my low income. I feel God has honored this by helping me to prosper financially, have adequate shelter and reliable transportation, and become an accomplished Toastmaster, despite my low income.

All in all, it is God who has enabled me to rise above my Tourette Syndrome, in all areas of my life.


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