Criteria for Joining "Mayor Willie's Holiday Folklore & Disney Ring."

(Please read before joining).



* * *

1) Holiday Websites or Web Pages pertaining to any of the Major Holidays throughout the calendar year may join.

2) All Disney Sites may join since Walt Disney and Company have been major contributors to Holiday Folklore.



* * *

a) They must be family safe and suitable for children.


b) They must not contain pornography, nudity, or other X rated content.


c) There must be no profanity or bad language.


d) Any websites with pages which promote hate or violence, don't even bother to apply.


e) Websites with pages pertaining to the occult (i.e. psychic readings, voodoo, tarot cards, and wicca) are not encouraged to apply for membership. Websites with a lot of pages on the occult can be removed at anytime at the Ringmaster's discretion.


What about submitting "Individual Web Pages?"

This site also accepts Individual Web Pages with Major Holiday or Disney Themes, or individual web pages which display Holiday or Disney Graphics. If you think your entire website as a whole may not fit the above criteria, but you have an individual page which does, you may register the title and URL of that particular web page, as long as that page does fit the above criteria.



Even if a website is approved at first, follow up inspections of sites may be conducted, and if a lot of items are found on a particular website which do not conform to the criteria outlined above, the site may be removed at the Ringmaster's discretion.


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