Blue Tail Fly.


1) When I was young I use to wait

Upon my master, and hand him his plate.

I'd pass the bottle when he got dry,

And brush away the blue tail fly! (Chorus)




Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care! (3x)

My master's gone away!


2) And when he'd ride in the afternoon

I'd follow him with a hickory broom.

That Pony being rather shy,

When bitten by the blue tail fly! (Chorus)


3) One day while I was riding around the farm

The flies were so numerous they'd form a swarm.

One chance to bite him on the thigh

Devil take the blue tail fly. (Chorus)


4) The pony ran he jumped he pitched

He threw my master in the ditch!

He died and everyone wondered why,

The verdict was the blue tail fly! (Chorus)


5) I laid him under a cinnamon tree,

His epitaph is there to read:

"Beneath this stone I'm forced to lie

The victim of the blue tail fly!" (Chorus)


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