Who provided the voices for the following Disney Animated Charactors?


1) Peter Pan:___________________________.

2) Mufasa (Lion King):______________________.

3) Radcliffe (Pocahontas): __________________.

4) Mickey Mouse (Fun & Fancy Free):______________________.

5) Baloo (Jungle Book):____________________.

6) Scat Cat (Aristocats):___________________.

7) Captain Hook (Peter Pan):___________________.

8) Zeus (Hercules):________________________.

9)Young Simba (Lion King):___________________.

10)John Smith (Pocahontas):_________________.

11) Nani (Lilo amd Stitch)__________________.

12) Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Alice in Wonderland):____________________.

13)Wendy (Peter Pan):_____________________.

14)Phebus (Hunchback of Notre Dame):_______________________.

15)Shan Yu (Mulan):________________________.

16)Dodger (Oliver and Company):____________________.

17) Todd (Fox and the Hound):____________________.

18)Prince John (Robin Hood):____________________.

19)Horned King (The Black Cauldron):____________________.

20) Snow White: ____________________.

21) Copper (Fox and the Hound):_____________________.

22)Tito (Oliver and Company):___________________.

23) Ratigan (Great Mouse Detective):____________________.

24) Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast):___________________.

25) Piglet (Winnie the Pooh):____________________.

26) Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland):_____________________.

27) Scar (Lion King):_____________________.

28) Winnie the Pooh: ____________________________.

29) Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast):_____________________.

30) Genie (Aladdin):_____________________-.

31) Tigger (Winnie the Pooh):_____________________.

32) Dutchess (The Aristocats):_____________________.

33) Nutsy (Robin Hood):_______________________.

34) Hades (Hercules):_______________________.

35) Wilbur (Rescuers Down Under):_________________.

36) Mushu (Mulan):_____________________.

37) Willie the Operatic Whale (Make Mine Music):____________________.



1) Bobby Driscoll; 2)James Earl Jones; 3) David Ogden Stiers: 4) Walt Disney; 5) Phil Harris; 6) Scatman Crothers; 7) Hans Conried; 8) Rip Torn; 9) Jonathan Taylor Thomas; 10) Mel Gibson; 11) Tia Carrare; 12) Pat O'Malley; 13) Kathryn Beaumont; 14) Kevin Kline; 15) Miguel Ferrer; 16) Billy Joel; 17) Mickey Rooney; 18) Peter Ustinov; 19) John Hurt; 20) Adriana Caselotti; 21) Kurt Russell; 22) Cheech Marin; 23) Vincent Price; 24) Angela Landsbury; 25) John Fielder; 26) Ed Wynn; 27) Jeremy Irons; 28) Sterling Halloway; 29) Jerry Orbach; 30) Robin Williams; 31) Paul Winchell; 32) Eva Gabor; 33) Ken Curtis; 34) James Woods; 35) John Candy; 36) Eddie Murphy; 37) Nelson Eddy.


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