Club 873-F. Remembers Martin McGrail.

Club 873-F. Remembers Martin McGrail;

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Founder of The Dynamic Whittier Toastmasters Club.


One of the hardest leadership projects a Toastmasters Member can accomplish is to start and charter a new Toastmasters Club. To charter a new club, a Toastmaster must get charter applications for membership from twenty individuals or more. Seventeen of the twenty members must not be current Members of Toastmasters International. Being close to 50% of the clubs in the world do not have anywhere near twenty Toastmasters Members, you can imagine how hard it is to achieve that goal today. Now think of how hard it must have been 50 years ago, when Toastmsters wasn't half as large an organization that it is today. One man overcame diffcult odds in the year 1950. It was was during that year when a man by the name of Martin McGrail chartered Club #873--"The Dynamic Whittier Toastmasters Club. With Martin McGrail's strong leadership capabilities, The Dynamic Whittier Toastmasters became a success, and still remains an effective Toastmasters Club to this very day.


Club 873's Best Speaker Torphy, Little Mac is named after Martin McGrail.




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