Saint Valentine.

Father Valentine lived in Ancient Rome during the Second or Third Century A.D. Claudius II was said to have outlawed marriages among the young men in The Empire, as he thought young single men would make better Roman Soldiers than married ones. Valentine, a Priest, was said to have performed ceremonies in private, and was eventually discovered and captured. He had also taken a stand for Christianity by refusing to worship Roman Idols. A legend states that as he awaited execution in prison, St. Valentine fell in love with his jailer's daughter who paid him regular visits. Just before he was martyred, he sent a love letter to her which was signed "From your Valentine." He was later canonized by the Catholic Church. Valentine's Feast Day is February 14th. All the people who have been canonized by the Catholic Church have Feast Days, but Valentine's Feast Day and the Patron Saint of Ireland's Feast Day are probably the two most commercialized ones.


Saint Valentine.

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