A Lover's Campfire Song for Boy Scouts.

1. The prettiest girl

(The Prettiest girl)

You ever saw,

(You ever saw,)

Was sippin' ci--

(Was sippin ci--)

--der through a straw.

(--der through a straw.)

The prettiest girl you ever saw,

Was sippin' cider through a straw!


2. I said to her (echo)

"Whatcha doin' that fer? (echo)

A sippin' ci-- (echo)

--der through a straw (echo)..."


3. She said to me,

"It's fun to be...."


4. Now cheek to cheek,

And jaw to jaw.....


5. Now forty nine kids

All call me Pa.....


6. That's how I got

My Mother-in-law.....


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