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This site is constantly under construction. In the future it will serve as an archive and knowledge database dedicated to preserving the spirit of vintage percussionists, and vaudevillians that employed the use of percussion in their acts.
The public's help is sought in identifying and providing information for some of the images of entertainers that we will be posting here. Know any vintage percussionists? We accept submissions, too!
Check back often to witness the information accumulation for the impending vast empire that will be known as


All Star Trio | <>Barber Blind Xylophonist | June Boyd, Showgirl | <>Harry Breuer | Teddy Brown | Dick Burns | Chris Chapman | Eldon J. D'Orio | Lou "Chiha" Friscoe | Green Brothers | George Hamilton Green | Joseph Green | <>Billy Hammond | Haskell Harr | Sammy Herman | Yoichi Hiraoka | Jacob Hoffman | J. Frank Hopkins | Hurtado Brothers | Ray Fabing's Ingenues | Burton Jackson | Bill Jacobs | Pierce Knox | Paul Kohler & Jini | Howard Kopp | Professor Lamberti | Jess Libonati | Unidentified Marimba Duo | Reginald D. Marshall | Marshall & Shannon | Joseph Moskowitz | <>"Midget Joe" Nawrath | <>William Reitz | <>Adrian Rollini Trio | <>Jack Simpson | Lew Singer | <>Joe Siracusa | Mabel Sperry | Rudy Starita | <>Vance Swift | Unidentified Marimba Player | <>Jimmy Vey | Roy Waltz | Al Ward | <>


Marimbaphone | Octarimba | Harley Sadler Tent Show Circus Marimba | Five Octave Recycler Marimba |


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