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X-treme Music Productions

The best in music remixing,club DJ's and mobile DJ's.

DJ X-treme & DJ Wuzzy

Come DANCE with the HOTTEST DJ's in the area.

Check out dj X-treme
every Friday night at Bacotes on Putney Road in Brattleboro Vermont.

Also at The Boardwalk in Gardner MA on Saturday Nights.

Check out dj Wuzzy
every Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights at Drop Zone just off Main St. in Greenfield, MA.

12/8/02 - New pictures have been added to page 2 & 3. Also a new page is in development.

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DJ X-treme & a fan

Lisa & Bethany

Wanna Join?

What am I doing here?

Someone has to do it.

DJ Wuzzy & a Fan

Check back often for picture updates. You never know who or what will show up!

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