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Neurofibromatosis is generally an hereidty condition, of which there are two forms. There are known as nf1 and nf2. I suffer from nf2.

Nf1 affects around one in every 2,500 people born, whilst nf2 is thankfully a lot rarer, affecting only 1 in every 35,000 people.

Both types of nf can be inherited, altough it can also happen by what is called spontaneous mutation.

Nf is not a disease that can be 'caught' - if you dont have it at birth, then you wont catch it in later life.

I am still putting together this page. I would very much like to put a directory on here with other peoples details who suffer from nf who dont mind talking to others. If you would like to be added to this, or you want more information about nf or please feel free to email me sometime

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