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ANNOUNCING our latest project!


Our book was written to be used for either the banjo/dulcimer or the dulcimer. The songs were picked because we felt that they sounded best when played on the banjo/dulcimer. We play each song slow and then up to speed on the CD.

The cost of the book and CD is $20 plus $2 for shipping for a total of $22. Checks can be mailed to

133 Rainbow Dr. PMB #3364 Livingston,TX 77399. Our phone is 713-213-3208 if you have any questions.

Listed below is the table of contents of the book.

1. Apple Blossom 2.Battle Cry of Freedom 3.Belle of Lexington 4. Boil Them Cabbage Down 5. Calabra Waltz 6. Cindy 7. Darktown Strutter's Ball 8. Dubuque 9. Golden Slippers 10. Gum Tree Canoe 11. Henry's Ramble 12. I'll Buy Boots for Maggie 13. If You Knew Susie 14. John Brown's March 15. Julianne Johnson 16. Kingdom Coming 17. Lorena 18. Michael Row The Boat 19. Muddy Waters 20. My Pretty Quadroon 21. Nelly Bly 22. Oh My Darling Clementine 23. Oh! Suzanna 24. O' When Those Saints 25. Pack Up Your Troubles 26. Racheal 27. Red River Valley 28. Sandy River Belle 29. Sugar Hill 30. Wait For The Wagon 31. Waterbound

Also look for us with "THE LONG AGO STRINGBAND". We have been playing with Joyce and Lloyd Woods and Al Parsons as "The Long Ago Stringband". We have been invited to return to Silver Dollar City again in 2005! We are thrilled to be returning to this venue of fun and music during the Festival of Music and Crafts! Come see us in September 2005 and sing a few tunes! Visit us at our new website for information. Click on the Long Ago Stringband link below.

Mary and Jack thank you for visiting our website. Come back and see us again.

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