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* OuR UnOfFiCiAL MiSsiOn StAtEmEnT *

"This wonderful vital force that was articulated by the music was really about corrupting every form--it was about advocating kids to not wait to be told what to do, but make life up for themselves, it was about trying to get people to use their imaginations again, it was about not being perfect, it was about saying it was ok to be amateurish and funny, that real creativity came out of making a mess, it was about working with what you've got in front of you and turning everything embarrassing, awful and stupid in your life to your advantage." -- Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk

"This is a punk club, not a strip bar."--Bikini Kill

* * * ReA gRrLs* * *

some outdated pix of the rea coffeehouse foxes and the venue.