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getting to know mabel

hi kids, i'm mabel syrup (i've finally joined the ranks of people too cool for a real name... hehe.) but you can call me emily too. i'm 20 years old, a scorpio. i like to read, write (i have a zine!! it's called "serviette"!! you should buy a copy!! e-mail me if yr interested!!), make mix tapes with decorative covers, and go to/set up shows (duh.) i love music--especially classic punk, new wave, some emo and riot grrl. i like hello kitty. i like pink things. i like animals. j.d. salinger was my favorite author when i had time to read. i love films by tim burton and john waters, british comedy ("the young ones" is the best!!), going to movies and sometimes roller-skating & hanging out at diners. i have frightening addictions to hair dye, donuts, bikini underwear and fajitas with guacamole. if i had to describe myself in 3 words they would be: shy, funny and sensitive. as for my vision of rea--i like it just the way it is. it reminds of the mid-90's, sassy magazine aesthetic--DIY, passion, and rock 'n' roll.

some of my favourite bands & musicians