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some stuff to know abt gladys

i'm gladys. i'll also answer to katie green, jessica, or any shortened versions of jessica. my passions include blow pops, procrastination and crocheting. mabel has called me "a lively sprite of a riot grrl with scads of energy." i imagine that's pretty close to true. if my enthusiasm wears you out, i suggest taking more naps. i'm a sophomore, a cancer, and a biology major. my hair changes color a lot, but it's presently some shade of red. my vision of rea coffeehouse is DIY, girl love, and caffeine. i'm sorry if the coffee at rea tastes like ass, but we're working on a budget, yo.

if you want to get in touch with me, email me at send love letters, recipes, monetary donations, and suggestions for names of my future children. smile pretty and watch yr back.