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Bands Who Rock Rea

Visit these bands' websites and it'll give you a taste of the Rea Coffeehouse scene. If you'd like to play here, send us a demo. But keep in mind that we're booked for the rest of the semester and won't be able to give you a show till next fall. We'd also appreciate a letter including a brief description of yr music, genre, bands you are comparable to, and bands you've played with or would like to play with. This helps us organize the scads of demos we receive. Go to the contact link for our mailing address. Thanx!!

Just a few of the bands who played at the coffeehouse last year, and some coming attractions...

The Butchies laugh in the face of gay stereotypes & have rocked Rea in '98 and '99. .
The Salteens: Canadian mod-pop who played in October, and plan on returning next year.
Running From Dharma: Harrisburg melodic hardcore; played at Rea last November.
Teddy DuChamp's Army: melodic Pittsburgh punk.
World B: Female-led punk rock w/ a rad cover of
McCarthy Commission is a Pittsburgh-area political punk band who've played at Rea a couple times.
Pintsize: emo based out of Santa Fe, NM, via NYC. On Building Records.
Practically our house band, Kitty Pryde has played Rea numerous times and always puts on a fun show.
Mary Prankster: Rocked Rea in December of 2000...female fronted rock & roll from Baltimore
Distorted Penguins: a unique "falling rock" sound with horns from Morgantown, WV put on a great show--just don't call them ska!