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One Nation P-Funk Page Mudbone Day Q & A

On Friday, August 15, we declared it Mudbone day here at One Nation. Veteran P-Funk member Gary "Mudbone" Cooper got a chance to get online and answer some questions emailed to him by several funkateers and members of Uncle Jam's Army Online.

He is currently over in Europe and was very excited to be our honored guest of the day. He felt very good to know that there were a lot of questions, and he felt even better answering all of your questions. From the bottom of his heart, he says, "Thank you for keepin' the funk alive. I love you."

Below are the questions that were submitted and answers. He was unable to get to a couple of questions as they were emailed to him a bit too late.

Currently, Mudbone is in Europe working on his JuJu project, as well as projects with Germany's Grand Slam and a Dutch group called Seven Eleven. He was able to "join us online" through the kindness of this project's coordinator, Marcel Visser.


Q: About the Motor Booty album, what songs you were most involved?

Mudbone: All of them

Q: What was your most memorable show?

Mudbone: 1997 L.A.Colliseum

Q: "Every Booty (get on down):" You and Bootsy wrote that tune. What made you "give" it (the song) up to Parliament? It sounds so much like Bootsy's Rubber Band.

Mudbone: The same reason as giving them "Flashlight" and "Aquaboogie". We give funk a chance.


Q: What's up with Grand Slam?

Mudbone: Going back into the studio to do final mixes.

Q: Any chance of touring with George Clinton & P.?

Mudbone: Sure, only the P knows when

Q: What about the Gary & Garry (Shider) album?

Mudbone: We transformed the Gary & Garry project into Sly Fox because of legal matters. But right now we are talking again.


Q: What was it touring with P.Funk in the late 70's?

Mudbone: Greatest Funk Show on Earth

Q: How does it feel to have such a loyal following such as guys you do?

Mudbone: It's an honor. There are no words to describe it.


Q: Why U didn't come to Brazil in 1996?

Mudbone: Because I wasn't with the funk in 1996

Q: Did some other members told you 'bout Brazil?

Mudbone: No they didn't


Q: If you were recording a solo album and you could have anybody in your backing band, who would the members of your dream line-up be?

Mudbone: Tony Allen, Bernie Worrell, Rick Gardner, Larry Fratengelo, David Spradley, Blackbyrd, Ceasar

From R.MGIN:

Q: Will Bootsy tour the US this year?

Mudbone: We don't know yet because they're now discussing a single for the US release.

Q: How come you did (not do) the Hall of Fame induction?

Mudbone: Because I was there in spirit. And I was also in Paris organizing the Funky JuJu project for Mudbone and the Medicine.

Q: How the heck is Catfish doing and why did he quit the group?

Mudbone: Catfish is doing very well in Cincinatti, Ohio. He quit because he played many, many great performances and he wants to rest now.


Q: When can we hear some Funky JuJu?

Mudbone: E.Mail Marcel (laughs). Hopefully very, very soon.

Q:How many musicians have collaborated

Mudbone: At least ten people

Q: How was Bootsy's tour?


Q: Any US plans for Grand Slam?

Mudbone: Not presently

Q: When are you coming back to the US?

Mudbone: I have to ask Uncle Sam

Q: Arianne wants to know if you still have the woodenheart

Mudbone: Oh yes, and it's still beating

Q: Atomic Dawg says to play him a 6/8, please

Mudbone: He's got it


Q: On which Grand Slam tour dates are you on?

Mudbone: September 3th till 13th and November 4th till 28th

Q: What kind of music?

Mudbone: Funk of course


Q: When are you planning coming down to Southern Ontario?

Mudbone: I'm not sure yet. Is it still cold out there?


Q: The cut "Halfway to everywhere" on the Black Crowes "Amorica" album-- How much contribution did you and Garry (Shider) have with the arrangements or was it mostly orchestrated by Chris (Robinson of Black Crowes) and the band?

Mudbone:Yep, the vocal arrangements were mainly arranged by Garry and myself

Q: Was that a good recording experience and any plans on future collaborations?

Mudbone:Yes it was a great recording experience and the future brings many collaborations. With who? We'll see.

From BD PET:

Q: How and where did you meet George?

Mudbone: I met George in Baltimore, Maryland in 1969 when Funkadelic was touring as a underground band doing mainly college schools.

Q: Heard some story that George kinda saved you from the hazards of the streets of where you're from.

Mudbone: True, but you must read my book to know the rest, From Failure to Funk, p.s not released yet.


Q: Miss you

Mudbone: Miss you too


Q: What do I have to do to become a part of P.Funk?

Mudbone: Stick around George as much you can and maybe you can pass some of your music to P.Funk

Q: What's your favorite P.Funk song?

Mudbone: P.Funk wants to get funked up

Q: Is that you playing drums on "Auqa Boogie?"


Q: Are you also playing drums on "Munchies for your love?"

Mudbone: No, that's Jerome Brailey


Q: How is Grand Slam doing?

Mudbone: Slammin'

Q: Any plans of Grand Slam concerts in Holland?

Mudbone: Not sure yet

Q: When are Grand Slam and JuJu cd's going to be released?

Mudbone: Hopefully by the end of the year. Look forward to see you, Twins.

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