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The Flashlight One Nation's Groova-dactic Holiday Gift Giving Guide
by Melissa A. Weber
This holiday feature is for the Christmas shopper who is faced with that all-stressful dillemna -- buying for the funkateer who already owns everything P-Funk ever made! Give 'em one of the following non-P-Funk albums featuring surprise P-Funk performances and watch them smile this Christmas (or die of shock)!
We'll also tell ya' how tough the vinyl is to track down with our number system: 1=extremely rare, 2=not that hard to find, 3=you can find it at any self-respecting vinyl store. And please note, most of these are not on CD!

Jeannie Reynolds, Cherries, Bananas, and Other Fine Things, 1976, Casablanca

Get this 1976 rarity for the serious funkateer in your life. It features (get this) Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Garry Shider, Glenn Goins, Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, and Tiki Fulwood. Hell, even Michael Henderson plays on here. Phew! [1]

Michael Henderson, Wide Reciever, 1980, Buddah.

Is your friend obsessed with the Brides? Tell 'em "I bet ya don't have this one!" From 1980, it features Brides of Funkenstein members Sheila Horne and Jeanette McGruder. [3]

Albert King, King Albert, 1977, Tomato.

Funkateers with the blues will love this gift from you. It features Bernie Worrell, Glenn Goins, Larry Fratangelo, and all of the Horny Horns. [2]

Bohannon, Bohannon Fever, 1982, Phase II.

This strange, but very cool, release should be given to who we call "the conceited funkateer"-- your well-meaning friend who loves to brag about his or her super extensive P-Funk collection. Put this under their tree and you'll have the last laugh. Features weird and wonderful collaborations with Garry Shider and "Sting"Ray Davis. [1]

The Dells, New Beginnings, 1978, ABC.

This album includes no P-Funk performances, but does have very unusual covers of "I Wanna Testify" and "All Your Goodies are Gone" as arranged by George Clinton himself. [2]

Johnnie Taylor, Eargasm, 1976, Columbia.

Get this for those Bootsy and Bernie fans. Features eargasmic performances from Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, and Glenn Goins -- especially on "Disco Lady!" [3]

Rudy Copeland, 1978, Fantasy.

Horny Horns enthusiasts, watch out! This one includes performances and arrangements by Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard "Kush" Griffith, and Rick Gardner. [1]

For even more non-P-Funk albums that feature P=Funk members, consult the Motherpage's Session Work List.

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