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27/6 - 2000 Kevin works for and has put up a seven minutes long Olive interview
Check it out it's really great
The Olive interview from

27/6 - 2000 Timmy Found a Trickle review in the Boston Globe:
In advance of their performance at Bills Bar in Boston MA, USA on Landsdowne St, Amy Steele reviewed "Trickle" in the Boston Globe: Olive
'Trickle" is a soundtrack for the downtrodden, the discouraged, the overlooked, the hopeless, the repressed, and the depressed. Using the formula of dark songs engulfed in capsules of light finds the UK's Olive in the same moody curve as Curve and Sunstar. Numerous facets of relationships receive attention on the band's hypnotic second album: commitment, betrayal, regret, break-ups, and affairs. While the most memorable song may be the super-charged 10cc cover "I'm Not In Love", Olive scores with enticing, swaying beats on the pretty "Indulge Me", the wreching "Smile", and resonantly mysterious "Love Affair". Keyboardist/trumpeter/prodcuer Tim Kellet (former member of Simply Red)authors the majority of songs while vocalist Ruth Ann powers the female viewpoint by her soaring style. Olive hypnotizes with its soothing, dreamy tales of love. Music to cry to and get over it while sitting in the dark. Olive performs at Bill's Bar Friday.-Amy Steele

20/5 - 2000 Timmy have Trickle and he made this review
I got my copy of "Trickle" this past Tuesday, and though it is not as airy and ambient and hypnotic as "Extra Virgin", it does elevate what they do best to to appeal to the pop masses. "Smile" is Ruth-Ann's ascension to diva status singing over a languid bass and orchestral arrangement where we experience a catharsis through her trials and tribulations as we never have seen her before. Her detachment and reflection thereof set the stage for a grand climax."There's nothing left/But your legacy.../If only you had tried, gonna leave it all behind.." The writing is still great though the repetition that worked through the hypontic and airy arrangements does grate every now and then, but "Creatture of Comfort" is very airy and recalls "Extra Virgin" material. I also love "Beyond the Fray", the "YNA" of the album..."I'll find a day were we can meet beyond the fray"
There is this sense that their vibe has been watered-down, but it takes a few listens and it is a pleasant follow-up to "EV" that hopefully will get them the attention they deserve; it is ions beyond much of what is on the radio now.You can almost imagine water trickling -through -panes and this would be the musical narrative."Trickle", the title cut, is spiked with electric guitars."Trickle down my sadness/If you want me back/You won't hear me say/Fight for us...Fight for us?
5/5 - 2000 Olive's "INIL" Is the 8th Most added new track on American CHR/POP Top 40 Radio.

1/5 - 2000 The Olive site at Maverick has been Launched, and it looks pretty good ;)

1/5 - 2000 Payal Randhawa wrote
Just wanted to let you know that has a new interview with Olive
on our website. We thought you and visitors to your site might enjoy
reading it. The web address for the interview is

4/4 - 2000 S N X Mailed me the track listing for the new album:Trickle
1. Love Affair
2. Trickle
3. I'm Not In Love
4. Smile
5. All You Ever Needed
6. Indulge Me
7. Speak To Me
8. Liberty
9. Push
10. Trust You
11. Creature of Comfort
12. Beyond the Fray
Secret Track: Take My Hand
The album has songs that were written with a more contemporary/pop feel with Olive's usual taste
for hip-hop and classical elements included of course. It's quite a "lush" piece of work...
the chorus's seem to erupt in melodic exuberance and the symphonic textures bring on similarities
to Faithless, Massive Attack, and Enigma. And fans of those artists will probably like this album.
Unfortunately, after listening through the album from start to finish,
the songs seem to run together but I marked my favorites (Push, Smile, Beyond the Fray, and Love Affair.)

24/2 - 2000 Candi wrote Just wanted to inform you that on Enigma's new album "The Screen Behind the Mirror" (released 1/18/2000), Ruth-Ann contributes lead vocals on two of the songs - "Gravity of Love" and "Silence Must be Heard". "Gravity of Love" is currently available as a single and has become a big hit in some countries, although Ruth-Ann does not appear in the video for it, but her name is credited in the cd booklet for these two songs.
I would love thise songs, can anyone send me a mp3 or real audio, of thise songs please

13/2 - 2000 James Found out that!
that you can hear 'I'm Not In Love' and 'Love Affair'. on next best thing's web site It's a real audio stream! If anyone can capture this please let me know ;)

1/2 - 2000 Gabriel Laverdiere Mailed me to say!
Hello, just wanted to let you know there will be a new Olive song on the soundtrack to the upcoming film "The Next Best Thing". The song title is "I'm not in love" and you can find out about the track list on this page:
Thanks to you all, that provided me with info ;)