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Tim Kellett

Ruth-Ann Boyle

Tim Kellet and Robin Taylor-Firth had previously played in a band together called Sheffield beatmeisters Nightmares On Wax. Kellett had discovered Ruth-Annīs voice when he'd played keyboards for Simly red, and had some samples on the keyboard of her voice. Then he contacted Ruth-ann and Robin. and asked if they would join Olive, and they said yes. (Sadly Robin is not in the band anymore!) They realesed there first Album together "Extra Virgin" And it was No.15 on the Uk chart, and the first single, "You're not alone" was No. 1 In about 3 years nothing happend, exept that we heard that Robin left Olive (dont know why) And that they was unsatisfied with there record label BMG. At last they left the label and got a deal with Madonna's label Maverick. They have a album on the way "Trickle" and the 2 songs "I'm not in love" and "Love affair" from the new album has been realesed on the soundtrack for the movie Next best thing.