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The Trickle down effect
01. Love Affair
02. Trickle
03. I'm Not In Love
04. Smile
05. All You Ever Needed
06. Indulge Me
07. Speak To Me
08. Liberty
09. Push
10. Trust You
11. Creature of Comfort
12. Beyond the Fray
Secret Track: Take My Hand

Extra Virgin
01. Miracle  
02. This time  
03. Safer hands  
04. Killing  
05. You´re not alone  
06. Falling  
07. Outlaw  
08. Blood red tears  
09. Curious  
10. You are nothing  
11. Muted  
12. I dont think so  
bonus track the demo of You´re not alone

A Olive video interview from Soundbreak, recorded from there webcam! COOL, Olive sings "I'm not in love"

A Olive interview from