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NotCommon is a greedy, close minded company that hates you.

'Can't Burn till ya crash' the splid CD from Red Invasion and The Sarcastics is now available. Check out the cd release party December 13th at All Asia Cafe. 3pm All ages. $5

Get both 'The Sound of Modern Hate' (Kevorkian's Angels) and 'The Ocean' (Disengaged) for just 14 bucks! Offer ends December 31, 2003.

NotCommon is happy to announce Mark York will be joining the NotCommon crew to help with marketing and distribution.

Phantom Limb signed to NotCommon on Friday August 15th! Their brutal full length should be available later this year. Check back often for more updates on this great band!

Disengaged 'The Ocean' now available! 10 tracks of murderous thrash metal to punk rock party anthems. Coming soon to stores in Massachusetts. It is available at Quincy records and tapes and will be at more places soon!

The pins are in! 5 Designs, Disengaged logo w/guns, Red Invasion, Kevorkian's Angels logo, Kevorkian's Needle Crossbones, and NC logo.

There is a new compilation in the works, NOW 666. It will feature a variety of metal bands covering non-metal songs! Will include Disengaged, Bane of Existence, Kevorkian's Angels, Shattered Existence, Trauma Concept, Gut, Phantom Limb and more.

The Kevorkian's Angels CD is now available at Newbury Comics, Cd Spins (newbury st only), Quincy Records and Tapes (Quincy Center), Sound Chasers in Hanover,MA and online at WonderDrug Records online catalogue and Comatose Music . Make sure to pick up a copy today! Here is a sample for you: My Inner Demons