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Strictly NG

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Strictly NG

Welcome all Original NG Ladies and potential new ones.
Andrew, Steve, Kelvin,& KC.....
This site is Strictly NG!!!


1/03/08: Update:
MORE links:
Drew Seeley MySpace (Official Website)
Official Message Board
Drew Seeley Street Team Myspace Page
Gooniez Website
Nate Bosley/ Gooniez Myspace
Gooniez Youtube
Drew Seeley Street Team Youtube
Official Drew Seeley Store
KC is doing his own thing as well.
You can check him out here:
KC Myspace
Kelvin is doing his own thing too. His myspace is:
Kelvin Fahrenheit
Steven has a myspace too, it's:
Steven's Myspace
Erek - I have no idea what he is up to. If anyone out there knows, please e-mail me and let me know.
Nu Ground has a "In memory of" Myspace, Please add them here:
Nu Ground Myspace

5-12-02: Nu Ground is no longer together, therefore this site will probably not be updated much any more. I do want to wish Andrew, Steve, KC, Kelvin and Erek good luck with whatever they decide to do. Good luck guys!


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