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mindless interviews

Record: OK! You guys have only been together for about 2 years, right?
Little Jimmy: Yep, two years.
R: Two CD's . . .
LJ: Yep! The new one ("Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy") and "Tight."
R: That's 44 songs you've released in two years. How do you come up with that many?
LJ: I don't know. I just slap it down as I go. I can write a song in a day. Whatever's clever.
R: And all the programming on your CD's, the Atari and computer sounds?
LJ: I can write a song in a day, like I said.
R: Do you just sit back, playing "Space Invaders" or "Pitfall," and think, hey that would be cool on the CD?
LJ: (Laughs) Yeah that's how it goes!
R: How did the band come together?
LJ: I wanted to start a band so I just got my friends together cause I fucking hate musicians.
R: What do you have against musicians?
LJ: I hate 'em. They can play, I can't!
R: What songs have you been playing on this tour?
LJ: "Bitches," "Pussy All Night" from the first CD, "I Hate Jimmy Page" . . .
R: Do you really hate Jimmy Page?
LJ: Well, I don't hate him as a person. I mean, I've never met him. But I hate the way people emulate his music. It's like, c'mon, fucking move on. I don't know if I would hate Jimmy Page if I met him. Not like he'd care since he's probably never heard of me. He's got whole buttloads of money anyway. I'd rather meet Melissa Joan Hart.
R: She's well endowed isn't she.
LJ: She's fucking loaded too!
R: You've done some pretty crazy stuff, like pissing on-stage.
LJ: Yeah, I guess! I drank my own piss and stuff. But what's crazy is (guitarist) Steve also drank my piss. He survived! I don't know how but he did. Then he spit it at the crowd.
R: Was this on the Korn tour?
LJ: Nope! I don't wanna do anything like that here since it's all ages. (Little Jimmy takes a break to "give a shout out to the Dayton folk" who have congregated around the arena before the show.)
R: How are Korn and Staind treating you guys.
LJ: They're nice. Korn nice. Stop. Staind nice. Stop. Iceberg ahead. Stop. They're all very nice boys. In fact, everyone we've toured with has been nice. It's getting fucking boring.
R: Who was your favorite to tour with?
LJ: Insane Clown Posse were fun. I wanna take them home to meet my fucking mom!
R: What kind of music scenes are you into?
LJ: I hate scenes. I'm into everything, as if you couldn't tell from my album. If you wanna be in a scene you might as well be on Wall Street with a suit and tie or something.
R: What's the touring like for you?
LJ: Wake up, eat, wake up, get dressed, go on stage, jump around, people throw shit, hang out in the parking lot, kids say 'Dude, you were cool. Who the hell are you? Can you get this signed by Korn?' get on the bus, go to sleep, go to the next town. That's touring. It ain't about the bitches and the hos. I jerk-off too much so I'm never horny. (Little Jimmy breaks off to inform the inquiring fans that "I'm talking to my girlfriend in Buffalo")
LJ: You're my bitch now.
R: I'm getting more out of this interview than I bargained for. What are you going to do after this tour?
LJ: Probably get shot.
R: Why would someone shoot you?
LJ: I don't know. We're a creative country. I'm sure someone will come up with a reason.
R: What's the rest of the band like?
LJ: We have Kitty on drums. She just hangs in the back and looks cool. She says "what up?" a lot. She's a nice girl. Vanessa Y.T. on bass, she's a nice girl. Stevie on guitar, she's a nice girl.
R: Anybody else in the band drink your piss?
LJ: Nope! Just Steve.
R: What's the craziest thing that's happened to you on tour?
LJ: Went on tour with Korn. I was arrested in Detroit on the ICP tour for whippin' out my pee-pee. I spent the weekend in jail. I learned a lot of great things there.

1. First off, state your name and the band members name along with thier position, if you will.
Urine- upright, Steve Righ?- hard left, Vanessa Y.T.-lotus, Kitty- perched
2. How did you guys start off?
U: We saw a hole in the market for bug repellant and...
3. What are some of your(whole bread) influences?
U: We like a good 7-grain or whole wheat, but Urine gives a shout out for Home Pride Butter Top
4. What is the message behind your music?
U: We cut the bread down the middle, pour on the butter, and let it bake right in!
5. Tell us a little about the background and history of Mindless Self Indulgence.
U: It was a dark and stormy night. . . Then there was a giant thud! Some folk say you can still hear us sucking to this very day...
6. How did the band come about the name of Mindless Self Indulgence?
U: We didn't - thanks for the name!
7.MSI has a really unique sound, how would you describe the sound?
U: U n i q u e
8.What does the year 2000 hold for Mindless Self Indulgence?
U: New calendars and more debt
9.How does a band like Mindless Self Indulgence feel about the internet and mp3s?It is heavily debated in the music industry that mp3s are ruining bands...I feel it helps them. What is your take on the situation?
U: We think that bands are ruining MP3s
10.If you could tour with any band on the scene today, who would it be?
U: Any band on the scene really!
11.Thanks for the interview, is there anything you would like to add?
U: 30457 + 45053

Shoutweb: Why are your songs so short?
Jimmy: Cuz we get bored real quick. Two minutes, I get the point, do you? You don't even have to press rewind anymore, just press repeat.
Shoutweb: Are you guys planning on doing any remixes?
Jimmy: For other people or for ourselves?
Shoutweb: For yourselves.
Jimmy: Yeah we got the "Bitches" "Molly" remixes that just came out. We got UZ doin' some stuff, and some drummer guys, and guys from "Front Line Assembly" and all these other people.
Shoutweb: What's your next single?
Jimmy: I'm not sure, it's really not necessarily a single, we just had some people who wanted to remix "Bitches", and we had some people who had remixed "Molly", so we just threw 'em together. I'm not sure what the next thing we' re gonna remix or push out is. There's thirty two songs on there, so HEY, I gotta get one of 'em right.
Shoutweb: I was told that you got arrested for lighting your penis on fire.
Jimmy: I wasn't arrested for trying to light my penis on fire, I was arrested for having my penis out. It was in Detroit, but the lighting my penis on fire was a different show. All the shows really blur together. I tried to (light my penis on fire) but it didn't quite work.
Shoutweb: How many times have you been arrested?
Jimmy: Really only that once surprisingly enough.
Shoutweb: What is the ratio of crowds that love you to crowds that throw shit at you?
Jimmy: Hmm? I never really gave it much of a ratio. I'd say it's either or. If it's a bad night, then it's just people standing around being boring no matter what we do, they just sit there, and aren't really doing anything. It could be a pleasant crowd, but I want them to be doing something, so I try to piss them off.
Shoutweb: So you purposely try to piss them off? Jimmy: If they're not doing anything, hell yeah! It's for my enjoyment too, ya know? I wanna see something.
Shoutweb: What's the worst crowd you've had to deal with as far as being pissed off?
Jimmy: I don't know, there are so many here or there. I'd say the worst place to play with a pissed off audience is the Red Rocks. It goes up, the audience is all above you, and you're at the bottom, so it's like some guy at the top can throw something at you and totally hit you easy.
Shoutweb: What's the best tour you guys have had so far?
Jimmy: The Korn tour is really good, just because it's really good, and it' s really professional. ICP (Insane Clown Posse) was fun, definitely a learning experience. Rammstein was cool, lots of pyrotechnics. I think we're all very impressed by the food on the Korn tour. Good eats.
Shoutweb: How did you guys end up on the Korn tour? Jimmy: I guess Jon Davis heard the CD and wanted to laugh at us and throw shit at us in person, so he invited us on the tour, so we said, "Ummm, YEAH! OKAY!"
Shoutweb: What's it like playing in a stadium that big?
Jimmy: It's not that very much different, I'd say that some of the ICP shows... actually like half of the ICP shows, and a couple of the Rammstein shows were pretty big, kinda similar to this, so it wasn't a complete absolute shocker, like Oh my god! One or two of the places were like HUGE, like Fargo, that place was gigantic. Very weird. They like us in Canada, which is weird. I wasn't sure how they were gonna react. Some night's people are like "Yay!", and other night people are like right off the bat, the curtain opens and they're like, "You suck!", but that's all part of it, and we enjoy it. We never leave the stage until we're damn fuckin' done. We usually have a good time fuckin with 'em, and pissin 'em off. The nice thing about a smaller club is that you have more stuff you can play with. You can come off the stage, run to the back. They have a lot more rules in a larger place, but the nice thing is that the crowd reacts as a whole. You can pretty much make 'em do what you want 'em to do.
Shoutweb: What kind of music do you listen to? Jimmy: Right now I'm bringing it back to the eight and the nine. I just went out and bought the new Vanilla Ice. I bought Pump up the Jam, and I'm listening to Snow, Informer.
Shoutweb: You listen to Snow?!?
Jimmy: Yes.
Shoutweb: Man, I haven't heard that guy in so long.
Jimmy: (Laughs) A lot of people haven't heard that guy in so long.
Shoutweb: Which of your CD's do you like better, Tight, or Frankenstein Girls?
Jimmy: Um, I don't know. For me they're very similar. One's longer than the other one. I like the new one just cuz there's so much there. I mean it's in alphabetical order, and that kind of stuff. If I had like four or five albums I'd be able to go, "I really liked this one. This is a great period of my life, yada yada yada.", but they're back to freakin' back.
Shoutweb: What made you decide to cover a Method Man song?
Jimmy: It's a good song. I liked that song, it wasn't too new, or too old, or nothing like that. There was a lot to it, and I enjoyed it. I just made it a little wackier, and as usual, most people don't even know it's a cover.
Shoutweb: What do you guys do to pass the time on your tour bus?
Jimmy: Crunch berries... Steve raps... a couple of farts...
Shoutweb: Do you invite your mom to your concerts?
Jimmy: Yeah, she's come to one of my concerts. She enjoyed it in the fact that I wasn't bumming money off of her anymore. I don't think she necessarily got it, but she thought it was funny.
Shoutweb: Where did you get that pink suit?
Jimmy: (sort of rapping) Well, I put the pink suit together. I had to dye it, and do all the stuff.
Shoutweb: So you made that yourself?
Jimmy: Well there ain't no pink suit's out there for boys. Well, there might be now that pink is the "in color", and Gwen Stefani is wearing pink, now there might be a pink suit out there for a guy, but when I was looking around a year ago there was nothing. I had to get a white outfit, and basically dye the whole thing pink, and it was running all over me for the whole last summer.
Shoutweb: So, why did you decide to do that?
Jimmy: To piss people off... For fun... It's some guy running around in a pink suit.
Shoutweb: What's the craziest thing you've done on-stage?
Jimmy: Um. Drink my own piss I guess would be the first thing. The thing I don't like about that is that when I do something like that, Steve will do something as well, and people won't notice that he did anything. Like, I drank my own piss, but then he took the cup, and drank MY piss! I mean, my piss is my piss, if I'm drinkin' that, it's my piss, if he drinks it, it's somebody else's piss.
Shoutweb: ...that is so cool...
Jimmy: (Laughs)
Shoutweb: How did you guys end up being a band?
Jimmy: We just sort of put it together and it just ended up being like this.
Shoutweb: Did you guys know each other before..or..?
Jimmy: Yeah we knew each other before for a long time, but we were never in any bands. I hate, fuckin' hate musicians. I pretty much went around and found friends who could play, and were into doing something stupid.
Shoutweb: How do I get my hands on the "Bring the Pain" video?
Jimmy: (fake Chinese accent) I'm not sure.. I'm not sure. We made it and we sent it out, it wasn't very good, it wasn't finished. We just kinda sent it out and people started playing it here and there. I really don't know, I think I have a copy. You should check E-bay. People selling my stuff on E-bay and payin' for college while I'm here starving.
Shoutweb: How come you have pong on your website?
Jimmy: Cuz pong rules man!!!
Shoutweb: Do you guys ever plan on writing a serious song?
Jimmy: Probably not. Some of them are pretty serious, but it's just whatever works. Like I could start out with a serious idea. I could write a whole song that's serious, and the chorus is the shit, then I'll destroy the rest of the song and just work on the chorus and write new stuff. Pretty much it's whatever sounds good to me goes. It's all on what sounds good as opposed to the idea of the song.
Shoutweb: What's the story behind "I Hate Jimmy Page"?
Jimmy: The basic jist is that I'm getting really sick of people just goin' on and on about classic musicians, and Clapton is god, and Led Zeppelin, and nobody ever wrote a better song, and that's the best record, and blah blah blah, and then not doing anything new. It's like they all just sit around and pray to these guys. It's like great, I'm sure we all wouldn't be doing what we're doing if Led Zeppelin hadn't written this song, and if the Beatles hadn't done that. Let's move on. I mean even with the Sex Pistols shit, it's like alright the Sex Pistols did their thing. Why would you want to do Sex Pistols Part 2? Ya know what I mean, it's like what's the point? Do something different, entertain me, plug in a frickin' toaster. Who cares if you can hit an e-minor 7th chord. Make me wanna see you for a reason.
Shoutweb: How did you end up with the name Little Jimmy Urine?
Jimmy: Nobody ever called me that, so I figured I'd go with it

Mindless Self Indulgence Interview Live on-air transcript from KBGA 89.9FM Interview conducted by Brad Amos ~ KBGA Loud Rock Director
Brad: Hey, we got James and we got Steve from Mindless Self Indulgence on the phone. How you guys doing?
James: I'm doing good man.
Brad: Right on. Well let me tell ya' what we are gonna do here….we broadcast in real audio (also webradio) and we annouced the interview over a few internet sites….hopefully people will start calling up….but other than that we are gonna sit here and chat until we get some calls….we are gonna talk about some of the music….ah, where you guys are headed, and everything else. Sound cool?
James: Cool! Did you set that up so that you played Soulfly, then Rammstien, then it's us, then say that we are on tour with them.
Brad: You better believe it.
James: You crazy boy.
Brad: You better believe it man.
James: Ah, look at you.
Brad: I'm hookin' you up. I don't know if Dave Ciancio has talked to you guys or not, but I'm the guy that wrote a review for you guys and put it on the webpage.
Steve: Oh yeah!
Brad: Your number two here on the loud rock charts.
James: Who knocked us down!
Brad: Static-X man.
James: Oh….that will do it.
Brad: Static-x is the bomb.
James: Anything beginning with an "S" man.
Brad: haha….and "S" ending with an "X", it all kinda fits in ya' know. You know, all I got here is that you guys have a special brand of industrial/jungle/kitty punk.
James: uh-huh
Brad: We have been playing the tunes, and played "Bring the Pain" just a little while ago.
James: Cool.
Brad: Do you guys have anything to say about anything….I mean I really don't have much to go on…you guys are hard to find information on.
James: Uh….I don't know. I mean all I would really do, being the upright citizen that I am, I would plug all my stuff.
Brad: Well that's good. That is what we are here for.
James: Go buy the album "Tight". It's in stores now.
Brad: So is it nationally distributed?
James: Well it better be.
Brad: It was just released on the 20th. I heard from some people that went to the CD release party at the Union Square for Virgin over there that it was a pretty killer show. People were pretty surprised.
James: Who said it was killer?
Brad: Dave Ciancio.
James: Oh.
Brad: Yeah, he said it was pretty unusual, but it was cool. I think you guys are gonna work out well with Rammstien.
James: Yeah, it should be fun
Brad: You should have a good time. Anyways, we are gonna play a song here real quick, and I made some clean edits Steve, I don't know if Jimmy told you or not. We are gonna play some "Daddy" for everybody out there. Do you have anything to say about "Daddy"?
James: Listen to it and hate it. Every bit of it as much as I do.
Brad: You don't like it?
James: I don't like anything I do really.
Steve: Niether do I.
Brad: That brings up an interesting point. It kind of conflicts but your music is all kinda conflicting anyways. I got a definition of self indulgence…."an indulgence of ones appetite, desires, or inclinations. The opposite of self restraint and self denial."
James: It's true.
Brad: Alright….well, listen up….here is some "Daddy". If anyone wants to call up and talk to these guys, they will be the next big thing, and they are doing the west leg of the Rammstien/Soulfly tour this summer, the number is 243-6226, and if your listening on the web the area code is 406. Here is "Daddy".
Brad: That is "Daddy" off of Mindless Self Indulgence debut album "Tight" on Uppity Cracker Records. Isn't that correct?
Steve: That's correct.
Brad: Uppity Cracker….what kind of name is that by the way.
James: Well, it was either that or Kill Whitey.
Brad: haha….I think uppity cracker works a little better.
James: You know, it's what we are all about. We know we are all just a bunch of uppity crackers.
Brad: Right on. Hey, I recommend anybody out there calling up and talking to these people. I got Jimmy and Steve from Mindless Self Indulgence. To get the positions right here we got Jimmy on vocals and Steve on gee-tar.
Steve: Yes……it's deffinitely GEE-tar.
James: Yes! Haha
Brad: So, how long have you guys been together now?
James: Oh, about a year.
Brad: Really? Wow.
James: We all knew each other from way back, but you know, we all hate musicians and just can't stand any of them.
Brad: I'm a musician too man so ah….screw you.
Steve: haha….There ya go.
Brad: And the boat you rode in on.
James: haha….and the "E" chord that wrote!
Brad: Yeah….there you go.
James: Yeah, I mean I can't stand the whole musician scene type of thing. So I didn't really want to, you know I programed a bunch of songs and I wanted to do them live so I figured I would just do it with my friends, and found the friends that I knew could play certain instruments good or okay.
Brad: I don't know if you guys would consider this a compliment or not considering you personalities, but I was talking to the music director here and we were reviewing the album together on our way to judge a battle of the bands in a town called Butte, and we were driving along listening to the CD, clearing it for lyrics and everything, and commenting on it. First listen he was like these "guys are cool", second listen he was like "these guys are all over the place", third listen he was like "dude, these guys suck".
James: haha….he got the right thing! He knows what I'm talking about! He figured out the puzzle, it's all a scam.
Brad: I personally like it. But that is just me. I have really bad taste in music.
Steve: haha
Brad: Really bad taste…I mean Static-x is number one on my chart. That's horrible. Ah…but like I said you guys are in fairly good company…in the past I have interviewed artists like Human Waste Project, Incubus, Fear Factory. This is kind of like a mini little rockline everybody.
James: Oh my!
Brad: We are gonna play some more music here off of the album "Tight" by Mindless Self Indulgence.
James: Whatcha playin' now, whatcha playin' now!!!
Brad: "Diabolical."
James: Oh.
Brad: What do you think?
James: Sure.
Brad: the way guys..never mind, I'll tell ya on the break.
James: haha
Brad: Here is some "Diabolical".
Brad: "Diabolical" right there by Mindless Self Indulgence off their album "Tight". That was cool.
Steve: You like that one?
Brad: I do actually. I was just wondering how the listeners felt about that sudden burst of volume at the end though.
Steve: Well, you know, it's supposed to break your speakers.
Brad: So, do you guys have any little analogies about the music scene, or experiences you guys of had? Funny little stories?
James: Ah, nothin' really incredible. I mean there…we don't really fit into a scene so it's kinda hard to you know, we just play the silly shows and some people don't like it.
Brad: How did you guys land the Rammstien tour?
James: Again you know, it was like one of those weird things. It's like you say "hey I need an agent" he he goes "You know what, maybe I can get you a tour" and you go "Okay, you get us a good tour and maybe you can be our agent. Something with fire". He was like "You could open for Satan or Rammstien" and I was like "well, you know….whatever".
Brad: Living in Montana I don't get to see a lot of shows because I have to travel for hours, but from what I have heard and seen your stage show will work out nicely with Rammstien. Oh, we got a call. You wanna take it?
James: Do I wanna take it? Yeah!
Brad: Okay…hold on.
James: Mom? Is that you? Mom?
Brad: Your on the air with Mindless Self Indulgence. What can we do for you?
Caller: Yeah, I wanted to ask them a couple of questions.
Brad: 'Kay. Go ahead and keep it clean.
Steve: Go for it.
Caller: All right. Um…..1, you guys seem to sing with a lot of energy…and I was curious when you're recording, is it something you just turn on and off….
James: You mean the energy?
Caller: Yeah, like the way you guys are playing it sounds like your movin' pretty fast and everything.
Steve: It's all about speed man, and going crazy.
Caller: Right, but is that something you guys can turn on and off.
Steve: Yeah, pretty much.
Caller: Really?
James: Violent mood swings.
Steve: Yeah, haha…violent mood swings.
Caller: haha…alright, and my other question was what other bands, if any, inspire you guys?
James: Ah, that's a good question my friend.
Steve: None and all.
James: Yes, exactually. I don't like anyone in particular, I just like litte bits of everything.
Caller: Really?
James: I'm really like ADD and like….I like that, I like that guy too, I like that guys video, I like that one chord in that one song, I like the way that guy plays guitar, whatever.
Brad: Well that explains the music everybody.
James: Yeah. So it's never anything specific and the fact that I don't like a lot of stuff, probably makes it interesting and hectic.
Brad: Hey caller, whats your name by the way.
Caller: Garrett.
Brad: Thanks for calling Garrett.
Caller: You bet, you guys have fun.
James: Thanks
Brad: Thank you.
Steve: Later bud.
Brad: That brings up an interesting issue though. When you guys are recording, was that the first time you have actually been in a studio? Did you do it live, programmed down, how did you do the whole recording process?
James: Well, the recording I will just write everything, program it all out, and when the song is done the way I want it and I have all the kids come in and lay down the live stuff.
Steve: We did it all together, yeah. We played it live as a band with the sample track, you know what I mean? Programming stuff aside, everything else was done all together in the same room which is prolly why there is a lot of bleeding on it.
Brad: Just so everybody knows this is Jimmy doing lead vocals and Steve doing Gee-tar of Mindless Self Indulgence. There are also two other members by the way….Kitty and Vanessa.
James: We had Vanessa but she is gone, we have Kitty…here, say hello Kitty.
Kitty: Hello.
Brad: Hi Kitty how ya' doing.
Kitty: Pretty good.
Brad: Cool...well do you have anything to say to the folks in Montana other than get off that horse?
Kitty: haha...okay.
Brad: ah..I guess not. You play drums right?
Kitty: haha...what?
Brad: Kitty plays drums right?
Kitty: what?
Brad: You're the drummer? Me drum...boom boom?
Kitty: Yes...haha
Brad: We are gonna play some "Molly". Do you have particular song that you like off of the album "Tight"?
Kitty: I like "Diabolical", I like uh….I don't know if I can say it on the air.
Brad: The all night one?
Kitty: Yeah..."Kitty all Night".
Brad: "Kitty all Night" is what we usually say.
Kitty: haha...I'm giving you back to Urine.
Brad: You back man?
James: I'm back!
Brad: We are gonna play another song called "Molly".
James: Okay.
Brad: People can call us up down here, the number is 243-6226, area code 406. Here is "Molly" from Mindless Self Indulgence for all you freaks out there. They are going on tour with Rammstien this summer.
James: I like fire.
Brad: "Molly" right there by Mindless Self Indulgence off the debut album "Tight".
Steve: Gosh darn it those guys write quick songs don't they.
Brad: hey, we were just talking about personal favorites of songs, "Molly" you really like a lot. Do you guys have any particular song writing process that you use?
James: Ah…whatever comes up I guess. You know I would say that the only thing that is consistant is that everything is sacraficeable. If I come up with something and I come up with like a cool chord and a cool verse and I also write this amazing bridge I can scratch the whole rest of the song and start over with the bridge. Just keep doing that until you know I get something that I like. Keep it short and don't bore them.
Brad: They are actually pretty short and that is a question I had. You guys do have quite a bit of material other than what is on the album don't you?
Steve: Yes we do.
James: We have quite a bit of material and we are mixing another record right now.
Brad: Oh really?
James: Yeah.
Brad: Well send one my way guys.
James: I will when it's done.
Brad: We are still taking calls down here…the number is 243-6226 and the area code is 406. We don't have much time left with these guys….gonna play one maybe two more songs and talk a little bit more and call it quits.
James: So in about 15 seconds…..
Brad: haha…we are gonna play "Grab the Mic" next.
James: Ooooo.
Brad: I think is was were talking about "Grab the Mic"?
Steve: Oh yeah, oh yeah, all the time. Yeah, I like that song.
Brad: Hey why don't you give out your web address for these guys real quick.
James: Sure….it's www cause they all start with that unless your on another planet cause then it's sopmetimes XXX but it's www.mindlessselfindulgence all one word .com.
Brad: That's pretty simple. Do you have anything to say about "Grab the Mic" before I kick in.
Steve: Naw...just go by the record cause your missing the intro.
Brad: Alright you freaks out there that is "Grab the Mic" by Mindless Self Indulgence off their debut album "Tight". In case you are just tuning in these guys are doing the west leg of the Rammstien/Soulfly tour this summer. Kudos to you guys. Not much time left so we are gonna play another song.
James: If we keep talking we will be able to play the entire album.
Brad: We are almost through it now…there are a few tracks I want to play like "Kitty all Night" but it's not happenin'. Right now we are gonna play Tornado. You guys have any words of wisdom before I play "Tornado"?
James: Yeah, knock the dust off your teeth, it will help you keep a clear chi and noone will sue you.
Brad: "Tornado" by Mindless Self Indulgence. That's the niceity nice for radio edit isn't it? The clean and fresh scented for radio edit.
Steve: You can use it under your arms.
James: Hang it in your car.
Brad: It's better than Irish Spring.
James: Uh-huh.
Brad: Hey, I want to thank you guys for calling us up and doing this. I wish you guys the best of luck if we don't talk again.
Steve: Okay
Brad: and if you guys are home sometime on a Friday night, I doubt you will be.
Steve: We are home right now.
Brad: You guys should check out the radio show on Real Audio sometime. Your hear some of your stuff on the radio.
James: Sure. E-mail me the address if I don't have it already.
Brad: Sure… Thank you so much for calling up Jimmy and Steve.
James: No problem.
Steve: Thank you Brad.
James: You cut it up man.
Brad: Thanks guys. Thank Kitty as well.

Q. Can yew please introduce the band members and what they do?
Q. What are yr fav songs to play live?
Q. and why?
Q. What type of womenz is yew into?
Q. What type of menz is yew into?
Q. Ever thought about joining the rap/metal scene, making Urine rap, getting a DJ, and goin' on tour wif Korn and Limp Bizkit?
Q. What's the best thing that ever happened to yew at a show?
Q. Do you think you're better then Benito?
Q. Do you also think that he'll be playing anymore shows with MSI?
Q. What's your fav town/place to perform in?
Q. Do you play weddings?
Q. What do your parents think about you being in such a sucky band?
Q. Have you ever thought about going down to Total Request Live and holding up MSI posters?
Q. Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans who have been on yr nuts and won't let go?