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different bios ive come across

Mindless Self Indulgence is what you will be called when the music that you make has no chance in hell of getting you laid, or of making you seem cool in the eyes of your p.c. restrained, cookie cutter category demanding, humorless peers. It is also a four piece band of co-ed punks from N.Y.C., whose name manifests itself during their live shows. Their music is a hybrid of Atari driven (the computer not the group), Industrial, New Wave, Soul, Jungle, Hip Hop and Punk with a venomous splash of Attention Deficit Disorder. After touring the U.S. throughout the summer of ’99 with RAMMSTEIN, INSANE CLOWN POSSE and PUNK ROCK KARAOKE (mbrs of NOFX, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks & Social Distortion), as well as shows with CYPRESS HILL, ORGY (MTV Music Awards Party), Mindless Self Indulgence has built a loyal and diverse following. Uppity Cracker, their own label, released "Tight," a very aggressive, very tongue-in cheek 14 track debut C.D.E.P. which featured a rather twisted interpretation of the METHOD MAN classic "BRING THE PAIN." The James Sisters produced "Tight" mostly in mono in order to purposely sidestep the electronica bandwagon of stale perfection and instead experiment with a more dry & raw James Brown recording style. When considering that this involved hundreds of samples, a live band and five tracks of vocals all fighting for minimal sonic space one begins to realize that this was no easy feat (Yes, it’s back patting, so fuckin’ sue us)! After picking Elektra from a feeding frenzy of over 20 labels, Little Jimmy Urine (vocalist, programmer and main writer for MSI) set about the task of creating MSI’s major label debut full length. "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy" (due out in early 2000), was the result of his effort. This groundbreaking 30 track cd is full of dark humor that simultaneously pokes fun at himself and the cartoonish clichés found in the music and people that have both influenced & annoyed him. Although both cd’s were produced by The James Sisters, these hyper, stylebending new works also boast the engineering talents of Mario Caldatto Jr. (Beastie Boys), Ray Martin (Iggy Pop), Lloyd Puckitt (Vast) & Chris Flam (DJ Spooky). And in order to avoid silly placement issues usually imposed by record companies, MSI has insisted that all of the tracks on "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy" will appear in alphabetical order. See & hear Mindless Self Indulgence live. Why? Because they rarely suck live, but when they do, they suck with conviction!
The "co-ed" punk/techno hybrid band Mindless Self Indulgence sound like Atari-game junkies raised on too much speed. Their new release, "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy," is an expected blend of oddness and . . . oddness. It's a crazy 30-track disc that combines the most hilarious, self-deprecating, tongue-in-cheek humor and musical aggression to be found this side of Gwar. The maniacal vocal styles of singer Little Jimmy Urine are part-annoyance, part-power blasts on the CD's stunners, "Bitches," "Boomin'," "Clarissa," "Cocaine and Toupees" and "Faggot." "Bitches" does the great job of sampling Siouxsie & the Banshees addictive "Happy House" melody and combining it with the Cheech & Chong like singing of Urine that recalls the comedy duo's hilarious song, "Earache My Eye." "Boomin'" combines odd Atari video-game sounds into a Gwar-ish pit of noise as Urine goes from pleading falsetto to deep growl in a matter of seconds so as to lend the careening sounds with an added dimension of speed. MSI's inventive blending of Atari-game sounds into their tracks surprisingly accentuate the punk rhythms of the group and the inventive electronica of "Boomin'" cannot be overstated since the fierce beats of the band flow strongly even where the odd lyrical style of Urine might annoy. However, these great songs cannot compare to the phenomenal creation of "Clarissa." The chaotic instrumentals and bass-heavy computer sounds on this track explode with energy and absorbing hooks. The addictive choruses of "Clarissa" lead into the fierce track "Cocaine and Toupees." The tough chorus of "It's on motherfucker/yes, it's on" is nearly off set by the whacked-out screeches of Urine but manages to conquer greatness. "F" is a live snippet of Urine responding to being called a faggot by an audience member with, "While you out gay-bashing, I'm gonna be at your house fucking your girlfriend . . .in the ass!" This brief interlude leads into "Faggot" which is perhaps the closest to seriousness that Mindless Self Indulgence can get. It's an addictive techno track that surprisingly borders regret and frustration. The seemingly insane vocal style of Urine is thankfully held to a minimum for this song and is greater because of it. If Mindless Self Indulgence were to ever take themselves seriously they would be an unbelievably powerful force. Their self-deprecating style certainly detracts from the great styles that the group has produced on this CD. As if entitling a CD "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy" weren't off-putting enough with its oddness, the advertising sticker on the CD's case reads, "Be the first on your block to throw this new album out!" It is too bad that these gimmicks occasionally undermine the CD's great moments, such as the addictive "oooh" chorus on "Dicks Are For My Friends" or the great "Faggot." Still, it is difficult not to laugh at lines like "I hate Jimmy Page/Get that faggot off the stage" or Urine's hilarious response on "F." "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy" is hell-bound for a deranged cult following. There's a great, tight sound behind this silly facade of "mindless self-indulgence." Mindless Self Indulgence will surely shake your ass even when its silliness is too strange or its length is too redundant. "Frankenstein Girls" is a release almost exclusively appropriate for those with an excessively strange or forgiving sense of humor.
Mindless Self Indulgence is something that everybody needs to experience. As you can see even from the picture above these cats are crazy as a drugged up lepur. The sound that they send out on their new CD (Tight) is ever changing and the style is unique in the most extreme meaning of the word. The personalities of each member is just as unique, which adds to the crude musical grooves set out. When I say crude I don't mean that in a negative way, but in a oh-my-f*ckin-god is this the sh*t or what!?! From what I have heard on the music scene from many people in the biz, is that people either love this album, or think it might serve better as a building block for a new correctional facility...never to be seen again except for criminals who deserve to be punished everyday with the sounds and sights of Mindless Self Indulgence. There is no middle ground, which I personally like....and from what I can tell from the members....they wouldn't have it any other way.
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