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a serious page for an unserious band

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Little Jimmy Urine:Vocals and programming.
Steve, Righ?:4 stringed geetar...(he says the other strings get in the way)
Vanessa Y.T.:that other 4 stringed thing called bass
Kitty:she be on da drum kit yo

Sept 21st
ok i kno this site isnt much at all yet...but i just started last night so gimme a chance keep ceckin back and i will add WAY more stuff upon dis page yo
Sept 22 2k
i fixed the discography section and added more pictures
Sept. 23 2k
i added 3 more interviews and 1 more bio
Oct. 2 2k
ok heres the deal..i havent werked on dis in a while cuz i havent been allowed online. i dont have die133870621345 any more so if u need me IM me under I Be Da Golden the next week i wont be on much but ill get bak 2 normal soon and let every 1 kno wats up...peace

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10 reasons to like Mindless Self Indulgence

  • they are easy to handle
  • urine hits high notes
  • shorter songs means time to listen to more
  • they dont get TO annoying
  • there unique
  • they arent serious-ever
  • they arent kool
  • steve plays a 4 string geetar
  • their sound is based on atari games
  • they are addicting


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