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This page last updated 9/16/2002

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Collections of MIDI Files
  • Classical MIDI files Galore - Worldwide Mirror Sites -- overly concerned about copyright infringement, though
  • Classical MIDI Connection - Renaissance to Today?
  • midiworld's Composers' Pages - Lots of original MIDIs by people you probably don't know, for example, check out the mind-blowing weirdness of zha, or visit the midifiles index for more cool jazz, classical, and early music files.
  • More than 300 Frank Zappa MIDIs ! ! ! - all done by serious Zappa fans. Includes lots of great "covers" inspired by Zappa's own creative genius.
  • Movie and TV MIDIs (Many titles listed in German)
  • The MIDI Farm - Categorized, alphabetized, proselytized. You can even select several to download in a single zipped package! Cool!
  • Arabic music - Hooda Thunkit?
  • Elephant Talk: Audio - A plethora of wacky King Crimson MIDIs. They even sound good using Beatnik!
  • Several Tangerine Dream MIDIs
  • The Very Best MIDIs, it is called. It ain't so bad, actually! I think this was about the only place I could find MIDIs of Jean-Michel Jarre's music. It also has a lot of video game themes. Check out the music to Doom and Duke Nukem, both written by Robert Prince.
  • Classical MIDIs (many for SC-88) - English-language site in Japan
  • Strange Music Archives - Fractal music, Mandelbrot music, Medieval music, Renaissance music, arrangements ("parodies," they say) of "Silent Night," programs for Cakewalk, and CGI scripts - another English-language site in Japan. Has MIDI, mp3, and RealAudio files.
  • Explore this! MIDI Search Engine - Locate files by title. I searched for months for Tangerine Dream MIDIs and found nothing. Using this engine, I came up with several results in only a few minutes.
  • A more Complex MIDI Search Engine - This site (by an English teacher/Javascript Wizard?) has a form that uses more powerful search methods in case you can't directly find what you want via the MIDI Explorer link above.

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