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Last updated 7/28/2002

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Music - Electronic and Otherwise

  • Arachnaut's Lair - Electronic Music Links

  • Jargon Buster - ever want to know what an appoggiotura was or how to pronounce it? All the answers to your questions about (classical) music lingo are here!

  • The Piano Education Page - says it's "Just for Kids," but adults who teach kids music might find something interesting here, too! I had fun visiting!

  • WWW Sites for Musicologists - everything from "Academic Job Listings" to "Music Therapy" to "How to Contact U.S. Elected Officials and Government Funding Agencies" to "Bible Searches" (?) to "Funny Music Stuff" and everything in between. From a quick glance, I'd guess there are about 300 links on the page!

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