Stephanie Eulinberg Biography

Stagename: Stephanie Eulinberg
Real Name: Stephanie Eulinberg
(current) Age: 31
Birthplace: Clevland, OH
Birthdate: ???
Instrument: Drums, back-vocals
Steph used to work for years playing in hotel bars, cruise ships, prisons, etc. She was in Milwaukee when she got a call from her good friend DJ Swamp. He told her that Kid Rock was in need for a drummer, now. After finally getting through to Kid Rock, Stephanie asked for the job. Kid Rock, having plenty others wanting this position, narrowed the dicision down to three, and Steph was one of them. She sent a tape to him overnight with her preformance factor and Kid Rock was apparently pleased and she got the job as the drummer. She says, "The only thing I had to get used to was living with 15 guys in an RV".

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