Strangers with Candy was formed in 1999, the band is up and coming strong from the small town Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (close to me). The band got their big break when they were playing a show at the Wreck Room in Wallington, NJ and there was a guy by the name of Thomas Boeker, who worked for MTV that called and said he was looking for "MTV ready bands." The guy from the Wreck Room gave him the band's number. They ended up getting in touch and he came to see the band play, videotaped it and they asked them to be a part of the MTV contest "MTV's Ultime Cover Band."

Many people think that the band was just a cover band who won MTV's ultimate cover band contest. However, the band are no cover band, they write their own songs and play their own music. They only did the contest for the money so that they didn't have to work a 9-5 hour job. They should not be put in the same category as any other boy band because they play their own music and they're hardcore. They'll be bigger than any bands out there. Their first album titled, "No Need" was out on March 24th and was sold out within 2 months, which I have a cpoy of. :p And I'm glad because, on July 10th, 2000 SWC landed a record deal with Univesal Records and had to change their name due to conflicts with the copywrited Comedy Central TV Show Strangers With Candy. So, everyone who has a copy of "No Need" hold onto it, because it may be worth money one day.

I'm glad SWC got the recognition they deserved and I know they are going to be very successful, they are really cool guys. I'm going to miss having them around, but I know they'll never forget the first fans.

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