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~*Fun And Funky Backstreet Fiction*~


Writers:Mel and Taryn


Backstreet Pride 4E!

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Hey welcome to our site, this is Mel and Taryn. Hope you enjoy our storys and come back soon for more!A B I G H U G E thanks to Amber for helping us out, we couldn't have done it without you! You are a sweetheart DON'T EVER CHANGE! (we know you are gonna marry Aaron LOL) Luv yas Taryn & Mel.
Sorry to disappoint you guys but we do not know Backstreet Boys or any of thier managment family ect. ect. and these stories are strictly fictional..but boy do we wish they were true hee hee.
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Hey! I finally moved but my computers goin really slow cuz we just got it back on yday so, I'll try and update some things but it might kick me offline so I don't know.
~~>Updated on~March 8th<~~
Hey Taryn's making an update e-mail thingy and if you want it e-mail her or me and I'll tell her, but if you want it like soon don't e-mail me cuz I won't be able to tell her!

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