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Eminem Support Group: The Official Site!!

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Welcome to the official site for the Eminem Support Group. We do NOT know Eminem or his management. We simply started this support group to support Eminem and stop the media's hateful comments, and give Eminem the respect he deserves.

Joining the Support Group is 100% free. The leaders of the Support Group, Lindsay and Katie, will make petitions to help request Eminem in magazines and on TV, plus letters to editors of disrespectful and Eminem bashing articles. Eminem is a normal person just like us, and he wants to live like that. We should do all we can to stop the hating and the attacks. That's what this group is for.

If you want to give Eminem the support he deserves and help make this team reach its goals, we encourage you to join. Simply click the Join Us Now link below to start showing your support for the one and only Marshall Mathers.

Still have more questions? Check out the Our Goal section.