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Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family

Valerie Hogan and her international airline pilot husband Michael Hogan shared the joys and anxieties of raising 3 teenage sons in the half-hour comedy series, Valerie. Starring: Valerie Harper (Valerie Hogan), Josh Taylor (Michael Hogan), Jason Bateman (David Hogan), Jeremy Licht (Mark Hogan), Danny Ponce (Willie Hogan), Christine Ebersole (Barbara Goodwin), Carmine Caridi (Bruno), Judith Kahan (Annie Steck), & Edie McClurg (Mrs. Poole).

Later in the series, Sandy Duncan joined the cast as Sandy Hogan, Michael's sister, when Valerie Hogan was tragically killed in an automobile accident (in real life Valerie Harper was wrongfully fired from the show during a contract dispute). The show changed its name to Valerie's Family, leaving many to speculate that the show wanted Ms. Harper back. Such was not the case since her character had already been deceased for six months when the show first went on without her. The keeping of Valerie in the title was an effort to make sure viewers knew what show it was that they were tuning in to.

A year after Ms. Harper's firing, the show changed title again, this time to The Hogan Family, and the Valerie Hogan character was never mentioned again except on one or two occasions when she had to be. Obviously Valerie's Family wasn't too torn up about her death since they acted like she never even existed. The show still proved entertaining despite this and other inconsistencies, and credit must go to actors Sandy Duncan & Jason Bateman for their part in carrying the show. If not for these 2 fine talented actors, the third season of this series (Valerie's Family) would surely have been the last.

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