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Leap of Faith Series

**These stories are a series so please read them in order**

Anastasia Blake is a strong, independent woman, not completely by choice. Lance Bass is totally consumed by his part in NSYNC along with his new management company. When the two of them meet, their painful pasts get in the way of friendship, but when one of them is placed in life threatening danger, they become an unstoppable team. Before they can move into the next phase of their lives, they must deal with the darkness in their pasts.


Lyn McLachlan and JC Chasez have been friends for years. They have a bond that is strong. Is it strong enough to withstand relationships with other people, secrets and the restrictions of her job?


Morgan Northrup's feelings are changing. Little does she know that the same thing is happening to her best friend Justin Timberlake. When she faces the most frightening event in her life, will she lean on the man she call her best friend or will she run away fearing his opinion will change? Will Morgan and Justin run away from their feelings or will they finally realize what is right in front of them?


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