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Name: Kelendria Rowland

Nickname: Kelly

Birthdate: February 11,1981

Favorite Food: Fruit

Favorite Perfume: Aqua Di

Favorite Cologne: Aqua Di

Favorite Flower: White Rose

Pet(s): cat named Master P

Sings: 2nd Lead

Favorite City: Houston & Atlanta

Favorite Pro-Team: Lakers & Bulls

Favorite Song: Dosen't have One

Favorite Movie: Soul Food

Favorite Rapper: Ma$e

Favorite Singer: Whitney Houston

Favorite Book: How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Dream Car: Range Roover but drives a BMW.

Most Wants 2 Meet: Janet Jackson


Kelly best describes herself as sensitive.Her romodel is GOD. She said," He gives me strength and is there when no one else is." She would most like to change the fact that she is so impatient.

*What She Looks 4 In A Man*

Kelly wants a man who is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. Also he has to be honest, loyal, and have a great personality.

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