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Discography part 2.

Below are Desert Sessions Vol 4 - 6.

Desert sessions vol. 4. Hard walls and little trips.

Track list:
1. The gosso king of crater lake.
2. Monster in the parasol.
3. Jr. High love.
4. Eccentric man.
5. Hogleg.
6. You keep on talkin (bonus track)

 A CD containing Vol. 3 and 4 was released on October 26th 1998

Desert Sessions Vol. 5. Poetry for the masses.

Track list: 
1. You think I ain't worth a dollar, but i feel like a millionaire. 
2. Letters to mommy. 
3. I'm dead. 
4. Punk rock caveman living in a prehistoric age. 
5. going to a hangin.

Desert sessions 6 comming as soon as i can steal an image.


[$phototitle3 IS UNDEFINED!!!]